Reaction time – the secret game of instinct

REACTION TIME The secret game of instinct

And the devil said to Jesus: ‘I will give you everything if you fall on your knees before me, the whole kingdom will be yours if you atone before me.’

Reaction time is the fastest time, it is the time that is compressed into a form that is, before it is. It is the time of the mask in a hidden, yet the most ruthless game – the game of survival.

Man is the reaction time of a reaction that has not occurred yet and which man, who is, before he is, only yet sets.

It is the time of the too small in the too big – too big in too small.

Nothing flows in sync; everything flows according to the reaction time. Man can use the skill of the reaction time to his advantage always and with everything, yet he is never in sync. With his skill he is always either jumping ahead or staying behind in his clumsiness. No personal rule is in sync with the reality and therefore the moment you get personally involved with someone, the clock of reaction is already ticking.

Man is a reaction in himself and thus does not have any influence over it. He can only speculate about the reaction time that he is given on loan, so that he could give birth to the time and pulse of life on which all the reactions flow.

Reaction time that is cut short and does not enable a reaction causes an explosion. Earthquakes, hurricanes, epidemics, explosions in the space, all the fights, the hatred, the wars and also impregnation – orgasm are consequences of a time that is compressed in a world that is too small – the too big in too small.

Man is the only being that can live past the frame of the reaction time or past the personal rule, and from the rule of the basis annuls the reaction time. But in order to do so, he must defeat the temptation of the smallest in him.

The smallest in a man is his instinct which exploits everything that is on a higher level. The instinct would not be able to function if it did not exploit the functions of higher levels. It works reactively – everything that has a certain function is on a higher level. The stomach, for example, is on a higher level than the instinct. That is the reason why the stomach becomes nauseous if you buy, cook and eat instinctively. The intellect is on an even higher level and therefore feels nauseous if it is governed by the instinct… And what do you think, how does the Man inside you feel if you maintain a pair to the instinctiveness?

Everything in a man is in hierarchy and the instinct is the lowest level of it. Until you yield to it and consequently give the instinctiveness in yourself a pair, it is your ruler, who with the power that you give it, masters you.

Reaction time is an instinctive time – the time of the supremacy of the smallest over the bigger, of the weakest over the strongest that tempts you with the con of the biggest, the most powerful.

Therefore, do not do anything instinctively as you will be insufferably tired, for the instinct steals where the man is not aware and by the time he realizes it, his heart, soul and reason are robbed. He is robbed of everything that is human in him. The same as the Lord can be, before he is, the same is the instinct, before it is, and if you have not tamed it, it spins you around and catches you in its circle – the circle without a relationship.

Yet you will realize that everything can be in a relationship with everything. Only man is the one who does not allow a relationship where it arises above anything. If you want to be close to the Lord, give your heart, your intellect or everything that you have into the relationship, and you will open the world of the heart, the intellect – you will open the horizon of a life in which the Lord is present.

The heart and the intellect are God’s angels and you should let them become the conductors of your life, for if you give a pair to the instinctiveness, you block the Lord inside you.

The world of instinct is the world of dead things that takes for itself everything until the last, until it takes away the human and you are left alone, without a relationship, with nonsensical functions. That is the game of the devil that cheats on you with the game of survival and takes away everything that you could have – everything that you had – the Human.

At the time of a closed game on an open field of the unknown, being a saint among saints is just as easy as being a pimp among pimps. However, when the reality breaks the reaction time of the conceptual world of a man in two, then each will be confronted by the fact of his own distinction. Reaction time is the one that distinguishes day from night, while reality distinguishes a pimp from a saint and takes someone’s night and the other one’s day.

As long as you have your audacity under control you are at an advantage with this control. But when your own audacity overtakes you with a reaction, then you have to settle the bill yourself.

Everyone who still counts on the reaction time will be overtaken, for the beginning of a reaction shifts before every characterization in the present and tarnishes the crackerjack from his own basis. There are no more skills of the reaction time that could help you; every reaction time is only a hoax now.

Leave the hidden game, bury the reaction time with which you out play everything. Open your heart and give space to everything in front of you so that the time within the time in you sets itself – the basic time of the Lord that is still asleep and that is during this time awakening into a joint present.

Until a man is present with an identity, he is instinctively present. When you allow the relationship to outline itself, it is as if the Human presence is outlined from a haze. When you step out of the instinctive man, the real you steps out – you after everyone, only not after yourself, and others after everything, only not after themselves.

Every function that is brought to life is the basis of the spirit, every fiction the inducement of the instinct. It supplements every basic to keep it functioning and not let remain in fiction only. If a man does not enter a relationship in actuality, he does not give a basis to the act and without a basis everything remains only fiction, without any function.

Everything that is, requires a basis, a foundation or a function. Therefore whatever you do, supplement it – supplement your thought, supplement your act and it will work from the basis. Every fiction is like a table without foundation and on which nothing can be put. Life flows only when the basis serves the function, for only thus can the basis sustain the thread of life.

Man must level the functions of man with everything and not cheat on the life inside of him with fictions. A man’s function is given on loan, and his basis will, therefore, have to justify all presence.

Only a thickhead counts on a foreign basis but vertically the basis passes over onto the individual. Do not count on others, everyone is only death to themselves. Settle inside yourself and do not declare yourself as life in front of anyone. A man’s settlement is only yours – only you can and have to accept your own death. The time of living corpses is coming, the time of the unsettled loans in man.

Functioning has its sense but if you exclude the sense or the intention, then functioning leads and falls under a reverse standstill and empty articulation.

‘I will give you everything if you fall on your knees before me, the whole kingdom will be yours if you atone before me.’

The right world – the inner one or the one ‘beyond’ is the world of a born Man. The left world – the external or earthly world is a world of confirmed instinct.

If you are in the right world there is no instinct left and thus nothing that would haunt you. But if you have chosen your world on the left, then you are becoming a fool who pointlessly drives his body.

Instinct preserves animals but brings ruin to man.

People are superior to everything, but they deceive the smallest,

for man is not aware that he can lose Man.