You are nobody, and yet in all others hidden as one, and for him who holds on to the one within, all others are nobody in him and thus there is nobody who could be one in him. 

You are one, I am one, and my beginning is therefore your end and your beginning my end. 24/12.

How would we possibly meet, if we were not crossed in the pulse of the inner outer world of each other? 12/6.

The pulse is the secret of the One and Only, the secret of the beginning and the end, the secret of the one that does not exist and yet pulsates everywhere and in everything, until you leave one and accept nobody, so that at least one could be.

Everything that will bow to the sleeping inside you will give birth to the One and Only in many, 2/1, everything that will live itself as the one and only will awake the sleeping inside, and on the place of one, eternally sink into nobody, ½.

If the Lord’s words do not become yours, they become nobody’s. And if they become yours, they become the words of the One and Only that pulsates in many.

The secret of God is the secret of the eternal pulse, where from nothing in nothing one arises, and in which one in one is eternally falling into nothing, the secret of science of unreachable perpetuum mobile in the acceptance of the end, always a new beginning.