Primary element

You are manifold in your exterior relation and one and only on the inside


Allow the time of your travel, let the time of the event forward and in the peace of this event your time will flow, your life.

An animal cannot tame itself; it can be tamed by man or another, stronger animal. A tamed animal is grateful, for it is at peace of tameness that it would not be able to reach on its own.

Man is the only creature that can and has to tame himself. However, man cannot tame himself directly or on his own; he can tame himself only through the consciousness that is triggered in him by a fellow man.

Man is not automatically smart; he is only as smart as he can tame himself. Only then does he step into a dialogue, otherwise he merely shortens the time of another and divides it in everything in which he should tame and divide himself. The problem is that people are not aware that they are supposed to tame themselves, for man tames man only seemingly. In reality man can only tame and master himself. All explanations are redundant, only the spirit, which is or is not calm, counts.

‘This is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.’

Only the mercy of the One that is completely tamed in himself is the one that has the power to tame, the power to take away the sin. The mercy that stops the man in his longings, with which he is getting ahead of time – the time of the spirit within. Each person alone is the one that allows this mercy – each decides alone regarding the palms of time in his or his palms at the expense of time.

Mercy is the Lord, but you are the one that opens the time of mercy.

Time is infallible. Each inconsistence is a consequence of shortened time. Everything will be accurate if you open enough of it. The reason for shortened time is always selfishness. Do not think about yourself, have a relation and you will open time, and time is the master of everything. There is no more time within time, only the time that you either allow into your act or not. Time is now completely left in your palms, it will bring you peace of the act or suffocate you with the palms of your own freedom. Time will change everything and everyone.

Be aware that every mistake you make is a light that teaches you how to see. A mistake is never fatal, only the principle of the mistake coming through you can be.

Man is not clever and never will be, he can only be willing and the Lord outlines the path into his time.

The first consciousness is the natural rule, it is the consciousness about oneself, and with it man only crucifies another man. The second consciousness is the rule of conscience, it is the consciousness about another, according to which man carries his cross. The third consciousness is the rule of the vertical, it is an automatic consciousness that functions in man as the result of his choice. Man becomes aware of his consciousness in it, free will the seeker falls off, as it has already begun to work subconsciously from the man within. There is no more search through reflections in the vertical, there is only man within man or void.

Man has consciousness about himself and about another – inner and outer consciousness which operate exclusively – if one is functioning, the other is at a standstill. Man has emotions in both of them; in one for himself and in the other for mercy. Once in the vertical, a chosen consciousness automatically begins to work in you, due to which one person either opens or closes the human time of another person.

You are manifold in your exterior relation and one and only on the inside. The mirror is one half that works as a whole/fluctuation, the mirror surface is one quarter, which functions as one half/gravitation, the mirror in the mirror is one eight that operates as one quarter/magnetism.

With your body you are caught in one eight – which is outside of the relation – into the mirror surface. At his own mercy is the mercy now automatically coming into the one who has asked for it, whereas he, who has violated the one, has created a debt to the Lord – how will he repay it?

Those who act manifold these days are violating the one, and you can tell that as a lesson to everyone, except that one who violates by being manifold. It does not matter in what story this is happening; the violation is the same, only the extent of the consequence is different. It is enough to have the power to take upon yourself in the name of the one and everything will be repaid; and what is not repaid, works as magnetism that attracts evil.

When two according to the rule of one combine one fourth within, the controlled magnetic field is one quarter/which means the coverage of molecules and man as a characteristic. Once the two quarters are joined into one half, half of the magnetism is covered and when the two halves are combined into one whole, then comes the coverage of magnetism or life itself. The first is the world of logic, then the world of situations and mastery, and lastly the presence itself.

Up until now man was able to decide between actions; now he can only decide whether to allow the action or overtake it. Finally man will no longer have the influence over the time of the action, he will not be able neither to allow nor overtake.

The second consciousness is fading like a paper under my sun, says the Lord. The day of the darkness is coming and all will be powerless; but the powerlessness of those who trust will have power to turn the light on in the Lord, on the sky of the inner.

People believe in destiny, yet until now there was no destiny, for regardless of everything, man has always had the choice between his and other side, between feeling and compassion. However, the time is coming now during which everything will be as it will be, the automaticity of your choice will occur and it will be the destiny of everyone.

The other side is without information but if forms according to comprehension. Man seeks information through logic, however, only with patience does he open the path to the other side. The other side has been activated first in instincts/fluctuation, then in the soul/circulation and finally in the body.

Jesus stepped into complete darkness of the other side, he went to the edge of damnation so that you would have information. The other side is cleansing and outlining for the loyal one; the mirror is cleansing and the other side withdrawing from the self-willed – the mirror first cleanses all the consciousness and then slowly everything, only certainty grows in itself until it covers everything and only one side remains. The certainty in himself is growing smaller for the loyal one, however, his certainty is already outlined on the other side. Everything happens correctly to the loyal one once reality sets in, and everything goes wrong for the self-willed, although he has calculated everything right. But nevertheless, he has forgotten about the other side, as he has erased it.

You are a mirror that reflects life. A fair man talks to the life in you, the unfair to the mirror. Only according to the rule of the inner is new life created. The time has come when life in you grows and with it the power of the inner relation, while the mirror is dying out, leaving the outer man without information.

The actual world is speaking to you, yet those who live a parallel world wonder about the actual one, as nothing fits their notions. Everyone lives partially in the parallel world and partially in reality. Reality sobers everyone up, while the parallel world blinds the man and makes him stupid.

Only the reality connects people, virtuality always divides. In reality man speaks to his loved one, and in virtuality with a stranger, as he remains on his side, no matter what. Whenever you look at a person from your side, you are putting him in an awkward position; only if you stand on his side do you know that he is there.

Everyone is caught in their own dream, like birds caught in foreign nets, but only from the thin proper nets are the wings of freedom woven.

Life is full of complications, man himself is a complication that entangles himself with every virtuality and disentangles with reality.

Cognition saves man from a new complication, however, only the resignation from himself disentangles him. He who is selfish is always entangling himself with himself because he is completely with himself. Only the awareness of the other side unbinds the man from self-awareness or the complication with himself.

What man wants the most is freedom, but the way from here to there is full of complications; there is, however, not even one on the way back.

Man always entangles another so that he could control him. Nevertheless, with every control above another, man entangles himself; only by self-control does he step onto the path of entanglement.

There are numerous knots on the way through life and each of them is yours. He who lives, cuts the knot off, however, he has not done anything by that, the knot remains. Only the knot which you untie brings you peace.

Man is not aware of his entanglement; he becomes aware of it only once something is taken away from him. People always leave, but complications remain and then you realize that every complication is an entanglement with oneself.

The threads between the actual and parallel world are cut now, everything is divided into everything or nothing, the whole is growing from one eight, which divides this seeming whole into one eight.

Your cross is your primary element and if you accept it, you unbind the spirit from the darkness. The seeds of him who glows on the outside are dying in the darkness, and rays of sun are awoken in people by him who matures on the inside. With your eyes, your heart and intellect of the spirit you unbind the darkness; he who lives reflections on the shoulder of his fellow man is keeping his own spirit in the darkness and becoming dead and cruel in it.

As the seed sprouts from the darkness, so does the spirit speak from your patience and sprouts into life.