Preciousness of awareness

Unawareness or what is behind you, what lies dormant in you is the origin of all the characteristics of life.


The same consciousness that is in a horse also lies dormant in you, yet a horse is much more gullible and scared, for its consciousness is trapped in unawareness, whereas man’s is in awareness.

The whole of nature sleeps in you, you have all the nature’s characteristics and when you judge somebody, you judge the traits that are in you. By separating the characteristics, you create your own identity instead of refraining from defining and quietly accepting everything – and the foreign would awake in yours and yours in a foreign, for your circle is too small for yours, but always the right size for others. You open it up with every relation you have with somebody or something – by solo translating, you close it.

Non-acceptance holds abysses of loneliness where people act as people in front of each other, yet there are only foreign eyes behind it.

When you accept all the characteristics of creation as your own, your eyes do not perceive anyone as foreign, nor a fellow man as a stranger. As much as you cannot accept the characteristics as your own, that much you hate the person with the same ones.

Jesus took all the characteristics upon himself and His basis is therefore without sin.

‘I take away the sins of the world,

I accept all the characteristics of this world.’

Jesus covered all the characteristics and after His coverage you should do the same and there will be no stranger inside or behind you, only friends in unawareness with you.

The time has come, the most beautiful time – the time when I am gone, when you are gone, but by accepting the characteristics of everything, everything is becoming one. He who will not be able to do that will divide on the inside, divide, divide, divide, divide…to divide himself from another.

Some are dividers and others multipliers. Those who consciously multiply, unconsciously divide, and those who consciously divide, unconsciously multiply. When the place of the last division is covered, the Time of the last division arises.

The last division is accepted death.

As long as the division and multiplication are caught one within the other like time in space and space in time, everything is born; the spring from the winter, the summer from the spring, the autumn, the winter… Time and time again, the same circle of passing travels from winter to winter. Yet everything that is real sleeps in divisions.

When the last division is covered by comprehension, the multiplication and division grow apart. Those who are dividers are paired with a divider and one after the other they are multiplied on the inside. A multiplier paired with a multiplier is divided into an eternal loop.

Each half-division is basically a multiplication in itself. The division has to be real and whole (You are not warm, you are not cold, I spit you out).

Everything that multiplied was something that it was not – a virtual totality at the expense of what is. During the time that has already come, the world will sober up.

Although the reality is already running through life, the fluid of fictitious still reigns. Man has much too little respect for the awareness of his own division.

Every understanding is a reflection of a division. Some have problems dividing, yet they divide nevertheless. Those who divide with difficulty, also have difficulty understanding. By dividing flexibly, man expands his horizons and he who divides magnanimously (the left hand should not know what the right one is doing) expands his horizon to 180°; whereas some divide only seemingly.

During the time of the last division the processes of life get into the hands of the set rule – division or multiplication, and now they are also in the hands of man.

Virtual totality cannot function in reality. Only the division into the basis is actual, it conditions the actual wholeness or reality after God.

Every manifestation has its mould in time but not even one is perfect and consequently everything flows into passing.

Your hands are the spindle of time, precious in their awareness, for only your hands can open up the moulds of time to the content of the subconscious and eternal. Every moulded proper consciousness is getting lost in a half-circle that spins in the blank, yet there is no mould of content…

Long is man’s path from awareness to unawareness, full of fear, naïve dreams, hope, despair, but precious is the drop of awareness in Him, who brings hope that man will someday stand on the plains of consciousness of everything and realize that everything is the same, that it always has been and that there has never been a reason for the limits of mine and yours.