Perfection in harmony

Everything that carries within the humility of the fact that it knows only that it does not know anything, carries warmth


One individual element does not mean anything; the elements come to life only in mutual harmony. Perfection begins once everything is compatible and synchronized, like the trees in a forest or a flower in a meadow.

Man experiences himself as an element and defends his perfection, without knowing that vivacity does not stem from perfection but from the harmony of elements. There is no need for perfection, only the recognition of one’s own imperfection, one’s own blindness.

Man can be perfect, and yet dead if he is not in harmony with another. Perfection automatically starts with compatibility. Harmony soothes; every individuality, no matter how perfect, alienates.

Everything that carries within the humility of the fact that it knows only that it does not know anything, carries warmth.

He who feels smart judges imperfection; only the humble one sees perfection as he conditions it himself.

There is no authority above you; only auto-authority or your attitude, for which you should use all your will. Only once man is aware that he does not answer to an external authority but to the inner calling, then can he really rise like a Man. When you stop fearing authority, you become mature enough for the rule of life and stop wasting energy on unimportant subjective relations. Do not try to be conscientious in front of another, therefore; be conscientious in the relationship to yourself (The left hand should not know what the right one is doing.). When man is afraid of failing to do something properly, he is in the grip of fear of authority as he does not have enough power for his own fight.

Man is not aware of his own, he is only aware of others. Only once you step out of your own, do you start getting to know Life.

Only the view of the whole releases man.

When you work ,you should always observe from the view of the whole and not individual, and you will work with ease, every occupation bringing you joy.

Nothing is easy, yet everything can be done with ease if you are with the other side – if you function from the view of the whole.

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