Wherever you let yourself get defined, there is your patron


We each lean on something, if nothing else on ourselves; however, that is the worst support, for there is the least counterpoint in the man himself, the least difference. And once death comes and man is only him to himself, with no dreams or illusions, he can no longer exist. He must then allow someone, so that he could live himself. The process of yielding or allowing someone or something before oneself the religions call purgatory.

If man were to completely close off, there would be only one patron behind the wall, and that is death within.

Everyone can summon a patron from the other side. He may be on the other side of the world, yet you can nevertheless summon him to you if you love him. As long as you cannot even slightly summon somebody, you in fact do not love him. You have to allow him in your heart, in your essence and he will be with you. As long as you do not allow him, he cannot live. In order for him to come to life you have to give him at least a bit of your soul. You can summon anyone, even if he is infinitely far away, maybe already long dead. Whomever you summon, he will be with you.

No one can exist without a patron.

There is no rule according to which you should be a patron human. If you are afraid of people, your patron can be God.

However, do not summon someone who has given up on himself, for his disorder will move into your order. You cannot help such a person, if you yourself are not strong enough, for your soul will not be able to bear it – because you would not be able to balance it, you would fall into imbalance yourself. Therefore rather summon someone from the loyal ones, holy ones. Rather summon Mary or Jesus.

Alliance is like setting a stipulation, like putting down a full stop. Like the left that demand the right. Man must allow for his fellow man to put him down as a full stop – then the fellow man becomes his patron.

Once you allow for the fellow man to put you down as a full stop, he gets his place in you and it is not difficult for you to a full stop on his behalf. Wherever you let yourself get defined, there is your patron. You can have a patron in all directions of life, in the whole circle.

Man is like on a swing that does not have the other side. You must allow all the possibilities and whoever sits on the other side will be the right one. But do not sit first and do not blackmail others to balance you.

When two are putting down a full stop for each other they are in a harmonious – healthy relationship. Bur no one is allowed to put down a full stop in advance, for by doing so he would put the other one in his own stipulation. One side always has to be the cause and the other the reason and vice versa. One full stop completes the other and so on.

The fellow man must accept you pure, from the basis. However, if you are not on the basis yourself, then the other one cannot accept you from the basis, for he can only accept you from the basis which you have conditioned yourself in the relationship. If you are not on the basis, then even in case that the fellow man has the power of honesty from the basis, you cannot communicate, for with your delay you are taking away the foundation for his basis.

In the spirit of the upcoming time we will live only our essence; death.

If your patron is stronger than your presence, then, once it comes to death, you will not even feel the difference.

Each deceased had his own silent story, like a silent song. Once you leave, every story is silent. Also your story of everything that you have survived so far is now, when it is over, silent and peaceful.

People say that they remember ‘all the dead ones’, but it would be more accurate to say ‘all that have fallen asleep’, for they lived some small, sunny world – more a world of dreams than reality. And when they died they came into a point that can be called the point of equality, the point in which man comes to himself and becomes aware that all the while it was he himself, everything else he dreamed of. They have come to the point to which we are now coming in our living bodies.