Normality is not in being prepared to accept wisdom – but in being able to accept the biggest deformation – craziness


The time of our definition was running at the expense of non-definition of the God within us.
We were divided in an indivisible Lord.

The spirit or one eight manifested in forms of time and space. On the tracks of the divided we arrived to one eight or the indivisible, to the spirit of non-definition, which will start working as a definition within us. The soul will sit into the spirit of one eight and give birth to the whole, or the spirit of the whole will enter and encompass the souls, spinning it to one eight.

Half the way of the process we will lose the point of inter-relationship, over the half we will lose the balance within ourselves. Every process outside of man is finished, the process of within is beginning, realizing the time of craziness on one and time of wisdom on the other hand.

You understood as much wisdom as you could take craziness upon yourself.

In our divisibility we are craziness to one another, only in the acceptance of craziness within us does the Lord’s non-divisibility work in us – as freedom outside us. He who takes craziness upon himself, opens up wisdom to another.

All logic is mirrored, everything that clings to its own logic is estranged from life or the non-divisibility of the Lord. All the logic has been given to you so that after it you could accept the illogic, all the wisdom so that you could take craziness upon yourself after it. He who accepts the illogic, life works as logic in him, but he who stops still in his rule of logic; the life is bound in him.

Every proper logic judges the other,
every acceptance of the proper illogic
– freedom of the other side.

In holding on to your own accuracy, you will keep becoming a greater madman, the slave of your own illusions; in the acceptance of craziness, a free path of reality.

If you were able to take all the craziness upon yourself and be ready to lose your place, you would understand the infinite wisdom and the waters of life would flow through you. But he who insists at his own, remains in place, but life changes the place and leaves him. Either you change the place or life does.

We lived in the mirror of our own world, but now a window into the world has opened and through it we will enter a new world. As much as we will be leaving our place, life will be entering into us, and as much as we will be clinging to our place, life will be leaving us.

As long as the process is happening in the spirit, nobody knows, only the soul in its consciousness has a premonition and man feels each imbalance with reality.

You dwell exactly in the middle between manifestation and non-manifestation, and are therefore in constant physical and mental imbalance or motion, but time in you is standing still, until you accept the non-manifestation upon yourself. Through allowance of manifestation you cover your own non-manifestation and if man allowed all the manifestation, he would immediately cover his non-manifestation. That is how man sits into his non-manifestation or manifestation.

Jesus accepted all definitions and thus sat into the non-definition, into the spirit of Lord’s indivisibility and is waiting for the coverage or acceptance from the other side. Lord’s lamb, which takes away the sins of the world, for it took upon itself all the craziness of this world.

Life is covered in the spirit and the mirrors of the divided time between you and me are extinguished. He who has stopped and like Him agreed to all the definitions, has become a non-definition or the point of reality. On two static or non-definitions the time or reality of live life will run.

The secret of the Holy Spirit is the secret of time, is the current of one after another. Only the man who will accept all the craziness will survive in it.

All proper paths will be losing their directions and man will be spinning because of them, for there will no longer be anyone as the point of the balance of proper paths. But where you come to a halt in the name of something, you will be a bridge to everything and everyone who has himself come to a halt on a path without a path.

Steep are the paths of proper logic and hard the landings on the ground of illogic, but only once man leaves his world and agrees to the illogic, does life open up its palms and levels the paths before him.

If we find something illogical, we see no difference.

Many will see, but not understand,
Everyone who understands will see, as they will know within.

Only those who agree to the illogic
Will know about the difference, although they will not see it.

Life will be lying in front of everybody’s feet,
But only the loyal ones will see it and take it into their palms.