Pair of lights


‘I am the light of the world. He who walks with me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’

Life is like a pair of lights that is always missing one light. Some walk through this life with the light of anger and hunt the one who has broken their light – some shine with tears and weep for their broken light. The first judge, the second weep – while the loyal man accepts that he is without light and walks in darkness through this world, doing everything to give a pair to another.

The Lord sees all the paths. He sees the light and he sees the darkness – even if nobody knows, He sees and knows. The Lord also knows that you are weak; therefore, whenever in the helplessness of weakness you are turning the lights off, pray and beg and trust in the Lord, to help you in the fight with yourself; and do not judge your soul, for then you are killing a pair of lights, not only one. He who admits his mistake does not judge his soul according to it, but tries to correct the mistake and the light of the Lord’s mercy will shine in it.

Everyone who with their light judges or enslaves others will remain without the light, for light that you have in this life is borrowed from the Lord. It was not given to you so that you yourself would shine like the Sun, but for you to give a pair to life with it. For there is nothing yours in this world, not even your life. You are light because of the Lord, your Father, and claiming the smallest which is the biggest in you is your original sin and the origin of all your sins. And where there is sin, there is no life, and in the house of life, no bird that would nest with you – a new light is born from a pair of lights – a new child.

‘I and my Father are one. The words I speak are no my own; they are the Father’s, who remains in me, doing his work.’

The Lord is the original darkness of every light. On the infinite sky of Lord’s darkness an infinity of lights was born, but gave life to the one and only, who was, like the Father, ready to be Nobody. Jesus took everything that was Father’s upon himself, he took the cross of the Lord’s darkness and the infinity of the Lord’s light shone through him. Man looked for his origin according to it – he searched for light until he recognized the essence of light which he had been carrying within after his brother Jesus. He realized that only darkness gives a pair to the eternal light of the Lord.

Once the Father’s light that you have borrowed in this life is extinguished, you realize that the stance of light is darkness and the stance of darkness light… those who have betrayed their brother will therefore be betrayed, because the Father will not recognize them. Only those who have loved everyone like their brother will be found and loved in the Father.