Natural presence and awareness ratio

The universe holds everything that is within man. What is not within man does not exist in the universe.


Only man can justify his natural presence. Other species, be it plants or animals, cannot, at least not altogether.

Every natural form is like a nesting doll consisting of two dolls that exist one within the other. One is temporal, the doll of awareness and the other spatial, the doll of natural presence. Less developed species have a smaller awareness doll than that of natural presence and are, as for example apes, consequently instinctive creatures. Man, on the other hand, is the first and only being of creation whose ratio is balanced. His soul and free will give him the the unique capacity of justifying his natural presence.

From the first atom to man, all universal forms have one presence and are in this respect therefore equal – everything and everyone is from the same spirit. Yet we differ in awareness as part of every spatial presence and soul, respectively. Forms whose nesting doll of awareness is smaller than the other one have both dolls trapped within each other, for their soul is caught in the physical body. Such forms thus more or less do not determine their own reactions and deeds but are driven by the subconscious instinct for their presence’ defence. It is therefore claimed that their self-preservation instinct overrides their will power.

A man’s soul is not confined to his physical body – it is free. This distinctive ability renders man an analytical, free-willed being, or the Seventh Day. As a result, the evolution of Nature is stopped (He rested on the Seventh Day).

Since then the cat has been only a cat and the mouse only a mouse. Natural species have since been adapting only with form, colour and such, whereas their essence remains the same. At first there was thus only the search and acquistion of a being that could be aware of the secret of life, but once that conscious being emerged, the second permutation began – man’s search.

Man might be present on Earth, yet he can contemplate existences that are billions of light years away from his physical or spatial presence. Other forms, however, are bound to their presence and thus to the on-going reality in front of them.

As the entity of all creation man is the only being that can balance and unbind himself through his soul and his inner world, consequently unbinding the whole creation. None other can accept death or break apart the temporal and spatial component. Consciousness and soul cannot be severed from physical presence or body. Internal rule of deduction or soul and external addition or physical presence make man the only being that amounts to point zero.

All other forms have ratio that deviates which results in instinct or intuition. Human ratio of awareness and presence, however, is 1:1. Man can thus change his view and is an analytical being with his own free will (Original Sin).

According to this rule man must balance himself. He is the only natural form that falls under the category of self-responsibility and this, he cannot escape. He who does not control himself is chased by deviation and governed by uncontrollable forces.

The extent of man’s deduction covers the entire evolutionary chain and natural hierarchy prior to him. It is a chain of natural processes of creation and universal birth. This chain that comes in six stages (The Six Days of Creation) begins with the first wave – light, and continues through the world of atoms, molecules, compounds, plant kingdom, from cold-blooded animals to warm-blooded ones and ends with man.

Man is thus an entity combined of all stages or all forms of creation prior to him or The Seventh Day. As he is the bearer of all temporal and spatial transformations before him he appertains to the top of hierarchy. Man consequently comprises the complete record of, for instance, an atom, a stone, an ant, a fish, a tree, a deer, a dolphin, etc. Yet in none of the forms can the whole written record of man or universe be found. An ant, for example, holds a lot less than, say, a dolphin.

His position at the top of hierarchy makes man a being with the most disadvantages. He can thus be the worst of all forms, causing the most suffering and evil. He is at the same time the most unstable of all the beings of creation as he is bound to obtain all information by himself through analysis which makes the probability of error the highest.

Exactitude of less developed species depends on the degree of difference between awareness and natural presence. The ratio between the two in them is far bigger than in more evolved species; an ant, for example, has a much greater difference ratio than an ape. The difference reflects as a free form or basic instinct that operates according to the rule of least resistance and always finds the shortest route.

Judging by this rule, the primary form is the purest form of life. It is a wave or a light beam, making light the source of life and symbol of God.

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