ADAM and EVE – God embodies man’s security and man woman’s


The Bible says that God first created Adam. He then created Eve from the man’s rib. Symbolically that expresses the relation between the man, the woman and the basic unknown of life or God. In this relation God therefore represents the totality, the man a half and the woman a quarter. The man represents a half of God and the woman a half of the man.

Adam and Eve are metaphors for the objective and subjective world of man, while the rib stands for the fundamental wave or interlacement of objective (factual) and subjective (virtual) worlds. That makes Adam and Eve the metaphor for the complete man, for the man (Adam) is bound to reality and objectivity whereas the woman (Eve) exhibits virtuality and subjectivity.

According to this rule, Adam is turned directly to life or God (the basic unknown of life) while Eve, in her relation to God or reality is linked indirectly to Adam. Owing to this natural rule all great men of the human race who discovered new eras were male (all great scientists, politicians, artists, prophets, etc.).

Concurring with the natural rule Adam forms the whole or equilibrium with the unknown of life – God – and Eve does so with Adam. That is the reason why the woman has always been the one to test and tempt the man.

That is why even nowadays the woman is the one testing the man and the symbol associated with it is the serpent’s craftiness. Thus in each situation before a woman the man has to be strong enough to maintain the natural position of Adam, and therefore enables the Eve in the woman an indirect relationship with the unknown of life. The moment the man is not strong enough and turns away from the wholeness toward the woman, she leaves him. It is as if she said: ‘You are not strong enough to enable me an indirect contact with God or basic safety.’

A woman was dancing and with Eve’s skilfulness tested Adam. He took the bait and said: ‘I can give you everything you desire, as long as you do one more dance for me’. He was convinced that it would be easy to make her every dream come true. Yet he did not count on her intuition and that she would test him at his most vulnerable – at a point which either confirms or withdraws Adam’s authority in the eyes of the woman. She said: ‘Bring me the head of John the Baptist.’

Had the man remained in the natural position of Adam, he would have said: ‘A head is a head. Bring a platter and cut her head off.’ In that case Eve would have fallen to her knees in front of him and serve him to the grave. He would thus retain his relationship with God and she would have, through Adam, an indirect relationship and safety of God. The moment he turned to her and served her, he subjugated the objective rule to the subjective and therefore sinned.

People are thus wrong when they claim that ‘even the greatest lovers quarrel’. Every personal relationship between a man and a woman is a total contradiction and opposition, Eve’s uncompromising striving to reach the basic safety. For it is in her nature to always test Adam’s loyalty to life, whether he will stay loyal to the basic rule of life or turn to her and confirm her subjective world. The moment the man turns to the woman and subjugates himself, he is dead to her.

When Adam becomes Eve’s satellite it is as if the Sun revolved around the Earth. He becomes henpecked and the woman’s relationship with the unknown of life – with God – is consequently not covered.

Who is the bearer of the Original Sin? Who committed it, Adam or Eve?
Indirectly through Eve, Adam did. Eve is merely his temptation. In the end it is Adam who decides, in his own and her name, to realize the sin that she dictates. He is the one who turns away from the Lord – towards Eve. Life holds Adam responsible for himself and at the same time makes him Eve’s mediator.

Whenever there is a relationship between a man and a woman in play, the male and female principle are in a short circuit. When in such a relationship Eve tries to extort her way from Adam and he denies her, a woman of Eve’s principles is capable of going for the jugular if necessary. Even if she tries like a cobra, Adam must not stray from his path.

The moment the man drifts from his path and agrees to hers, the path becomes asymmetric and subsequently Eve lost. Whenever Eve takes the path that Adam chose, despite being forced to it, the path becomes counterpoint and generates safety. In a reversed situation the safety fades away. That is why they say: ‘I did everything she asked and she left me anyway.’ Typical. 

The same principle applies to the relationship between parents and children. It does not matter what it is about, what is important is that children in the relationship do not outgrow parents.  They always have to remain in a subjugated position. When parents yield and begin to treat the child as a partner they lose their natural authority and the child his basic subconscious safety.

What is the reason behind the drastic decrease in births and drastic increase in divorces?
The problem is that Eves push and Adams are losing their nerves due to the fast tempo. Consequently Eves leave them. It doesn’t matter why Adam yields; the moment he does, even if it is out of peace, the relationship is lost.

As long as Adam is strong Eve does not think about how many children she would bear. But when he turns to her and subjugates himself she starts planning births.

The man is thus an eternal debtor to the rule of life. No matter what his relationship with the person he lives with – whether he is gaining or losing – he has to remain the servant to the natural rule.

According to this rule, a man who regularly succumbs to women spends his life alone. As he always caves in to her principle, he cannot exist as Adam and validate her basic safety.

The moment the relationship turns from impersonal or objective to personal and subjective the woman is not balanced in the basic principle and thus feels lost. She can only be balanced if her Adam is turned towards life. Otherwise that is a small world or an individual principle in which Adam doesn’t stand a chance.

Eve constantly tests Adam and does not choose her means to do so. That is why the woman puts on natural make-up and dresses provocatively, etc. When she does not comply with sensibility – natural subjugation to Adam – she tries to get her way with her instincts. She tries to rouse Adam with every means.

Adams face tough ordeals whether to preserve the relationship with the big unknown or life and thus reflect to Eve the safety of God. Eve will always strive for an Adam that is strong enough. Never for him whom she can turn to herself; such Adams she discards like a cigarette butt. Even if she stays with him physically, the fluidity or the basic sense, which is the foundation for a lively relationship, disappears as the relationship isn’t built properly.

She will always be attracted to the one she can never turn. Yet there is always the contradiction of principle and therefore constant tension. The moment the woman does not feel enough safety she begins to bite.

As Eve operates according to the rule of arousal and abstraction, Adam is forced to search for equilibrium and has to function in line with the principle of logic and logical solutions.

As opposite poles, the male and females principle are attracted to each other. The abstract principle and the principle of logic. Only thus can the abstract principle imbue or give substance to the principle of logic.

Abstraction is a condition for intuition and Eve therefore exchanges logic with intuition. She is an accurate straight shooter. Consistently with the natural rules the woman seeks safety in the man and the man loyalty in the woman. The female and male principle are thus united.

The Present Day

Men are nowadays weaklings. They prefer doing exercise or building their careers to trying themselves in a personal relationship, which is stupid, for how can one ride a bike, if one is not capable of having a natural relationship?

According to the natural principle, a man who is focused only on himself and tries to live life healthily and correctly does not attract a woman. The natural law or her subconscious draw her to wrong men. The number of divorces is also increasing due to the weakening of men.

The male race is becoming increasingly less resistant and men are massively failing the natural trials. The natural rules assert that the man must always remain once bigger than the woman. He must not adapt to the woman who represents his other half but must maintain his position which equals twice the size of the woman. Only thus can he form wholeness with her.

Fashion, make-up and gesticulation are only a play to women who use them as a means to test men, whereas in fact they do not succumb to such culture. In their essence it is only the women who exploit given means, and the problem of men that they yield to their own culture. They become fictitiously placid, civilized, intellectual and consequently unnatural. Women therefore nowadays remain much more natural beings than men. 


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