Mercy on life within

During this time you will realize how hard or merciful you are on yourself


You were not carrying one life within you, but two. One was sleeping in you, the other was searching on the outside. One life was always searching for the other. Every Earthling, since the world has been standing, has the whole life been searching for life. He hoped and on tomorrow’s day searched for life.

Some have their whole life trusted in the other, inner side and searched. They were ready to divide, lose hours on this side in the name of the other side. Then again others added hours on this side at the expense of the unfound other side.

If I allow you as the first,
I am the second and if I am the first, you must be second.

Man, be aware of the essence; that nothing is without a reason; that you would not be searching if you did not have inside you the basis that you are looking for. This is the sign that you are carrying another life within you. And what would you search for, if not your life? Nothing else is worth searching for with all the essence.

Once you find life, you will unknowingly forget the search.
The day will come when you simply forget to search.

We live in a time when the inner life is, according to wisdom, completely unrecognized and formed; therefore the time of birth has come, the awakening of life in life.

The other I in you wants to wake up with the whole body, soul and spirit.
As much of birth as you do not allow, that much unbearable the pain.
There are twelve stops of cross stations in front of each
And blessed be he who will allow himself birth.

During this time you will realize how hard or merciful you are on yourself.

You have to have mercy on yourself,
On the leaf in a leaf, thought in a thought, palm in a palm…

Man denies himself even when getting dressed,
And then, when he carries himself like a gentleman in front of another,
Instead of being merciful on himself, the inner one
And allow him to live.

You have to have mercy on the one inside you
Who has always hoped for life.
Through everyone that you allow,
You allow your actual self to live.
Only Jesus allowed him completely.

You are the only one after the other I and multiple after the second
And if you give priority to the multiple one, the first one has to sleep.
But the other one is awakening
And the world of the first and second Is will divide completely naturally –
In each one will die and the world of one come to life.

And the other in you are not you yourself, but everyone and all other,
Which will live in your place and there will be your division and your life.