Math of creation


The basis or the spirit is the infinity of all possible opposites. We could depict it as a mathematical pattern which can have an infinite number of possible forms and shapes. It is a perfect mathematical rule, which dictates the shapes of all the forms of creation. If the basis was not a precisely defined rule or regulation, the space would be a complete chaos of arbitrary rules and would not be arranged according to specific laws and balances that do not allow any resignation, for otherwise nothing could exist.

The basic mathematic rule exhibits itself in all manifestation forms – first as undulation, then as the world of atoms, inanimate nature, and in the end as the world of animate nature with its peak, the man.

All possible forms that continuously appear and die out according to the rule of opposites, sleep in the basis – every form on one side realizes its opposite on the other side. The triangle from the first side realizes an upside-down triangle on the other side, etc. Once two opposites touch each other, the first mirror appears and with it the first manifestation form, which is undulation. The first mirror is the first division, one half of the basis.

The second division or the second mirror occurs once two opposites in the first mirror touch. The first rounding happens then, the world of the atoms or the rule of circling. That is the world of inanimate nature.

The third division or the third mirror occurs when two opposites touch in the second mirror. That is the world of animate nature, which is one half of the atomic world or the world of inanimate nature.

Man is the last being in the third mirror, therefore giving birth to the new mirror, or he is a mirror himself. The symbol for man is a circle. Only a circle does not have its opposite and is on the other side the same as on the first, which is why the evolution ends with man.

Man has no feedback, but has to, for his balance, cover all the rules under him – the rule of the animate nature, the rule of the atomic world and the world of undulation – just to cover his basis.