Man’s notions


People live based on their notions about the world and there are often many versions of those. Through the eras all of them have been realized. However, there is only one that redeems left; for man to step back and give space to Life, which is the first essence, not subjugated to the frames of reasons of pro and con.

The sun of their own doing has blinded more or less everyone, so that people no longer have any feeling for life. Societies and people are preparing the ground for a major disaster, and even once they realize that, they continue following the same misguided path. There are hardly any societies left that would give man the possibility to recognize his life; the society self-evidently keeps people at its disposal, as if the only purpose man has was being a small wheel in a soul-less social machine.

If there is somewhere a wise and enlightened person, who could open people’s eyes to the beauties of life, would his voice be allowed to reach the ears of his fellow men? And yet, if one is not ready to humiliate oneself in front of a real person, how will he humiliate himself in front of life? The truth of which we speak is the lobby of life. It speaks about that which everyone will undoubtedly have to confront in the future. Lucky he, who lets himself be warned and welcomes this writing with an open heart, for he will be ready when the time comes.

He, however, who believes himself to be the smartest and wants to continue running his own games, he should be careful, so that he does not turn out like a person who suddenly and unprepared, naked and without clothes, finds himself in polar cold, in an ice storm. How will he remain, in what will he remain?