Manna of the lost world of silence

Each proper demand from life is manna


…that takes for itself all the currents of the spirit in man. In its name can man appropriate everything, even his own life. If he does that, the currents of life flow elsewhere.

Life’s currents of spirit are open at 360° and flows in all directions, but because your manna is closing the path of the currents of life, you remain alone with it, on the dump of your life.

From some manna takes a part of the contents that life is opening up according to his allowance, and from some everything. Many will sell their heavenly kingdom for their manna, for in the name of the manna before him, who carries letters, you lose the letter. In the name of manna before the life of the Given you lose the eternal life.

Man should strive to defeat their manna, for manna is the basis of all mischief and persistently eats away everything that is valuable in man. As long as a person has some manna, the manna carries him on the wings of a promise, but the promise is man himself and after it manna can take the place of man.

As long as man is given the world of ratios, man can live his place according to manna, but once the ratio falls onto man, the manna steps into him and takes the man away from him.

Manna is a wall that closes man’s way to the silence. Only in him, who leaves his manna, does silence speak.

Nowadays nobody asks you about the silence anymore, but he who has become silence, is no longer tempted by the manna, for he does not fight to be heard anymore.

Silence speaks with many life’s languages – manna says only one thing: ‘I am’.

‘You will never see me, or hear, for I am silence,’ says the Lord.
Silence has never been something declared, but was always comfort to man.
Silence is the only eternal totality, the basis of our actual self, according to which you are the one and only,

But once you grow up and die out in echoes of your own calls, into which you are caught as a self in this world,
Then the one and only awakens in you, eternal comfort of your searches.