Man has lost his constant

Man has become blind to the cracks in the souls, and yet compassionate to cracked walls


This world lives a mixture of illusion and reality. As long as we primarily live the reality and the illusion secondly, we have no problems. The problem occurs once we start to re-live ourselves and consequently experience ourselves as primary.

Once a man falls into the world of illusion due to his own laziness and irresponsibility, and begins living it as if it were real, he is lost. He is no longer standing on the solid bank of the river of reality that is called illusion but is falling into its waves.

It is normal that man uses illusion, for every thought is created through it. There is nothing wrong as long as man rules his illusion and keeps it subjugated. The problem occurs once the wave of illusion gets a hold of him, starts carrying him away and eventually swallows him.

By this time man has given the river such power that almost everyone has fallen into it. There is no possibility for an individual to restrain himself, for he has lost all sound judgement on what is normal and what is not.

To put it in a different manner: ‘Man has lost his constant.’ The North Star is a constant that the sailors use as a compass. Man as a being carries within him a constant that is called reasonableness and he can thus, once he hears or reads a wise thought, say: ‘This is accurate.’ If a fellow man reads the same thought, he just the same knows that it is accurate.

According to this natural constant that has been coming to life for billions of years and that we are born from, every person knows what is accurate and inaccurate information – what is good, what is just and what is not.

All of nature carries it inside. The rule of justice is therefore known even to animals if they live in a collective relationship – when they have a built-in compassion. They only turn into beasts when they are defending their existence. Man is the only being that carries the constant within him, or a soul with the possibility to see or free consciousness that covers all the creation and the whole unknown.

In the case of Jesus’ birth the star that led the wise from the East ‘predicted’ the birth of the Son of Man who would with the acceptance of his own death in the name of the human constant or complete devotion to the rule of life as the first human either confirm this fact or die for it on the cross.

A confirmed constant means that we should, in the name of the respect of primary human or natural reasonableness within ourselves, preserve our constant or our soul at all costs; and not the other way around – our soul should not be the first one that we prostitute with thousands of illusions. The modern time makes the biggest business precisely at the expense of the human soul, as people constantly keep putting on new and new roles.

There is no problem when a man bargains with objects and gives them value. The problem occurs once people start manipulating human souls and thus turn them into illusions. Never throughout the history has this way been used as massively, consistently and uncompromisingly as lately.

This can especially be noticed among the youth. The driving force behind these changes today is the commercial media, especially TV and the internet.

As we have completely pushed our constant and with that the natural logic from our personal relationships, we have landed in spiritual darkness, which is as if the city that we live in would turn 180°. All the streets and all the parts of the city would remain the same. We only swap the poles and all the cardinal points are changed. How could a man orientate himself in such a city? The city is just the same as it was, before we changed the points, yet nothing ‘works’ properly, as the direction is wrong.

The cardinal points that have been set naturally and have served as a natural frame within which relationships have been created ever since the world has come to be, have been changed by the modern man and proclaimed as out of fashion and inaccurate. Because this is happening in our invisible mental world, we do not realize it immediately as we cannot see the force of the spirit which gradually conditioned the change.

Illusion is a 180° turn from the constant and it therefore completely convinces man, for all the streets, every tree, all the houses, etc. everything is the same, only the direction is not. Once people begin bargaining with the direction, they find themselves in a spiritual darkness and begin to lose themselves from the real world.

The modern time is therefore the most dangerous era of the human kind, in all its history. The era of the prevailing illusion does not condition real actions as every action has to be as illusionary as possible. This drives man into a complete loss of touch with reality and actuality, and with that the search is over and consequently the development of the human kind.

This way extends to all areas of human creativity and thus also to spirituality. The most sold literature nowadays is thus literature that is completely estranged from any real wisdom and offers only ‘talismans’ of happiness, different positive thinking and positive energy.

Man as a being is therefore dying out and that is the only real danger for him. A baby that is born does not have by its side a person who would help him grow up into a normal, responsible being. By being born it falls into the world of illusions, in which it has to find its own way and survive.

In the world of illusions there is no heart. In the world of illusions there are only deception, lies, image, etc. The only thing that matters in school today are grades. It does not matter what the child learns, only the he gets the best grade – and preserves a ‘positive’ image in the world of illusions. Consequently are the children immeasurably strained.

As long as man with a brush of life or his soul paints the world of illusions and controls it, so long is such a world normal and beautiful, for it is a creative world. However, once the man becomes an illusion himself and the devil starts to paint with this brush, then catastrophe occurs, for the brush is no longer held by the hand of man.

Throughout all the eras man more or less controlled the world of his own illusion. Baroque, romanticism, rococo, etc. have grown from that and we are consequently surrounded by tons of beautiful creations – magnificent buildings, excellent music, etc. that man has created as an architect, composer, sculptor, etc. in the world of useful illusions.

In today’s era man has completely abandoned the primary Man and our lives are therefore drawn and dictated only by illusion. Once that happens and everything gets mixed up within the natural rules, our world becomes impossible, unpredictable and unimaginable.

Man cannot find safety in the world of illusions. Except if he is an illusion himself. And once two partners are both illusions, it does not matter whether they are together or not anyway. The danger lies in overdoing the illusion in all aspects of human life which eats up the fellow man.

Man can with his illusion compensate for some loss – like death. Illusion is healthy as long as it is just a means or water with which you water your garden, a pen that you use to write a letter to someone, a prayer book with which you ask God, etc. Once the illusion prevails over man, he is lost.

Our descent has reached the outermost edge of normality in all areas because it has let all reasonableness be turned into an illusion. All the possibilities have been left open to such an extent that nothing falls under natural norms anymore.

Once the natural norm is suppressed and its place becomes occupied by an anti-norm that praises thieves and bluffers, and only anti-heroes – who are with their audacity and stupidity ready to con every small and fair person – are still celebrated, then this is the anti-world of a normal world.

Such a world is unknown to any other species. Animals do not know the rule of denial. A dog cannot make up its mind to deny someone. It cannot say: ‘I do not know you today’. Impossible. This means that characteristic that we normally feel are negative – like lies, hatred, arrogance, mischievousness, egoism, laziness, etc. – are only attributed to man. Once these characteristics overcome the natural characteristics, such as giving, love, diligence, modesty, fairness, etc. that means that the human characteristic that we call self-will has reached the sheer foundation or the original sin.

With his free will man has passed over into self-will and the circle of free will is thus rounded up and finished. The notion of man begins to crumble. In the end in this self-will of some free will the illusion can begin to work as the primary human system and man as a man is annihilated. According to the same rule is free will taken away because it turns into self-will. Man is consequently no longer a being of free will as he acts according to the rule of the anti-rules because he thinks that that is the right thing to do.

This is a very abstract world that is recognized by the world and its leaders too late. This mechanism of spirit is extremely sensitive. All the subtle worlds and the signs of these dangers occur much before such a world begins. Just the same as a war can first be ‘felt in the air’, before it actually happens. Some people who are sensitive recognize this, fight against it and warn to prevent the danger. Unfortunately they are ‘outvoted’, for the least sensitive people see the war only once it blazes up.

The world of illusion is occurring more and more in all areas of human operation and is ‘for fun’ as a ‘modern joke’ let into the air. It does not matter what it is, all that matters is that it is a natural rule turned upside down. That anything in the name of the loss of human dignity is set in the name of man.

Once the illusion defeats the man and controls him, evil begins. In this case he loses control over himself and with that he loses himself, the Man of God, and becomes a manifestation of an evil spirit.

As long as the illusion is a shadow of some day – some tree, it is useful, for man can rest in this shadow. In this sense the illusion that rules the day and sensibility is useful for a man as it serves him. The night is the bad thing – when man ends up in the world of illusion and there is no more day.

Illusion is given to man at his disposal, as an aid – as a parallel of life so that he does not despair in certain periods of life. Children dream – they like stories – for otherwise they could not stand the direct awareness of this world. Man thus throughout his life acquires the ability to dream so that he can help himself later in life and does not fall into serious crises.

It is very difficult to be without any dreams or without any foundation. That is as if a man were left without all hope. In this case, he should give up his life if he wanted to preserve a balanced state of mind. As long as man defends an element of his life, he defends it with hope – with an illusion.

If man controls his illusion, that illusion is orderly – it is logical. But when the illusion controls the man, then it is abstract and paradoxical – not logical. All violent manifestations fall under such a way, all types of extremisms that do not contain any human signs.

When man tries really hard and trains the wilds horse of his own illusion, a magnificent tamed Lipizzan can emerge from him. The opposite of this are wild horses of the untamed illusion that life drives into the savannah where they can trample down and rip the man apart. It is a blind force of illusion in which people do not have enough will, intention, honesty, consistency and diligence to control their illusion. In the end each has to tame their ‘horse’ himself and finally subjugate it.

The modern man is not willing to be diligent, sensible and consistent anymore – he is especially not ready to be patient. He would like to achieve everything in all areas of life at once, instead of putting his effort into one area, one thing at a time, whatever his intention is.

Only so is the illusion incapable of ‘catching’ him but serves him. To put it in a different manner – only so can the spirit of reality serve his soul and not the other way around – that the soul goes wild in an uncontrollable spirit of some illusion. The spirit as a free matter thus gets a form, similarly as the shapeless clay gets the form that is dictated by the potter’s soul.

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