Losing your own view is a prerequisite for true perception


Once man brings his attitude toward life to the point of a free fall is his trust complete. People, however, cling to the limitless sky of their dreams and are for the life of them not ready to put their lives to any use.

The free fall controls every situation, every problem. He who unbinds himself from everything is no longer bound by anything. To solve any, even a massive problem, only honest intention, hope, and letting what must happen to happen are required.

Once you are falling, you become a traveller travelling from door to door, calling: ‘You can accept me.’ The same as you have given your home to others so that they would be happy, so can you only be happy if somebody accepts you. To have your home only to yourself is death. The greyness rules it until you open it up to those who want to come in.

Why be hungry for pleasure if we are leaving anyway? We are dying with every step we take and nothing will come with us. We do not know how life makes us happy; but it makes us happy only by keeping us ignorant.

Only the ignorant one can be happily surprised.

These things hang on the edge of secular logic. Yet you enter life exactly at the point where this logic ends. Once you reach over the edge of your own notions, as correct and convincing as they might be, the real views begin.

Losing your own view is a prerequisite for true perception.