Life cannot be caught


Man and life are two realities. Man must surrender to life in order for life to have power over him; however, man mostly trusts only the man inside himself, instead of trusting life.

Life itself cannot be relived – we can only relive ourselves. Reliving keeps us in un-reality because we are used to believing in it. However, real power means trusting in something that cannot be relived or sensed.

We can only save ourselves once we trust in our lives. We have to take everything as automatically as we breathe, eat and think. We should not let ourselves be confined by notions, for by doing so we limit and negate reality. Let us be absently present. Let life do what it wants. Our life is everything around us, except we ourselves. We should therefore let everything take its course; all our predictions regarding the sequences are erroneous, Life does not let itself get caught.