Life always speaks the same language


When someone is having a tough life that depends on how much he is capable of accepting the facts of life. That is the reason why a man who has difficulty accepting his given place feels the weight of it to such extent.

Life is not such a simple and easy endowment that it could be filled with pure average. Crises and depressions arise when man is satisfied with average. When the whole human kind is satisfied with average, the decay of the society ensues. Consequently it is necessary to maintain a certain healthy seriousness in the relationship with the riverbed of life, so that man can flow in it like a healthy murmuring brook.

Each era has offered some kind of a shelf onto which people put themselves like books. In an unconscious trust to this shelf or society – there used to be feudalism, then capitalism and communism, and now democracy – people have climbed onto it. All eras, however, had individuals that were so strong that they existed without any kind of foreign basis. All the real people who were capable of walking on emptiness became great politicians, great artists, geniuses and prophets.

The more the shelf is average and pop, the less solid it is. Through all the history of mankind the shelf has never yet been at such a critical point as it is today. Today is consequently especially dangerous as one craziness after another keep popping up. Because the shelf that people bet their safety on is made of wood that is too soft, massive terrorism has begun eating away at it like a worm.

When the shelf breaks, wars and revolutions arise, and social systems break. Each individual who wants to save his soul should thus gather enough strength to step off this safety shelf of the society he lives in, for the shelf will break and those who do not step off it will be lost.

Those who want real love have to step off the shelf. Those who cannot do that can only be conceptually classified under the notion of love. Yet the notion of love is not living love. For the living love it is necessary to step into the emptiness. Not only love between a man and a woman is meant by that, but every possible human offering in the name of anything.

As long as man lives on ‘foreign bases’ he does not exist in the living spirit of life. The living spirit of life is like the wind, shaking branches wherever it feels like it. When a man steps into it, he can hear its breeze as the living word of life. Only then does he feel the wholeness of life’s liveliness.

Life always speaks the same language and subsequently everyone who has ever been exposed to the face of life has spoken with the words of it. No matter the age they lived in.

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