Judgement conditions judgement, and therefore every judgement always starts and ends with man himself.


Judgement begins in man’s consciousness and always returns subconsciously through the basic bodily functions such as nourishment, intimacy, sleep… Everything that man wants to control with his consciousness on the other side controls him in his subconscious.

He who is wise cannot judge anyone, whereas he, who thinks that he is smart, determines other into stupid, while he is the unwise one because he judges intellect through stupidity.

Everything that a person thinks about himself is irrelevant, for it is only a role that does not play a role, as only in ignorance that, which is yet to be life, matures. It is completely irrelevant, if you think that you are good or evil, for only that, which you do not take into account about yourself, does the other side feel and that is where your life is maturing.

Every tension in you is your judgement, every allowance the peace in your soul, but only in forgiveness your unbinding. 

Man should not judge anyone. He who judges himself is the same as he who judges others, for he unintentionally judges only himself. It is easy to judge, a lot harder to forgive, but if you were aware of the whole burden of your own judgement, you would easily forgive.

Every tension in the body, all the restlessness in the soul, is only one half of your burden, for the Lord does not judge anyone in his palms.

But someday He will let you go and if there is even a trifle of judgement remaining in your heart, you will not be able to fly.