It is your fault when someone makes you angry


Do not worship the form of life. Let life be the only one at the altar. Be its servant. Be at the spring, for water is the coldest and the most clear precisely there. Do not be a fanatic who throws himself into torrential waters without knowing whence the current is coming from or wither it goes. To put down the burden of servitude should be your only goal, everything else will be given to you. Do not strive for either understanding or explanations; leave as empty as you came into this world.

Treat your fellow man as you treat life; by being devoted you will push him toward devotion. It is your fault if someone makes you angry; they are only a trigger for your anger. Once you are free from yourself, you will not know anger anymore. Accept a friend, yet do not throw away your enemy; he will leave of his own accord.

Do not hesitate when you intend to go somewhere, for you do not know the way anyway. Those who are not ready to take a step, who want every answer in advance, those remain in their own hole and the problems will overwhelm them.

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