Is there anybody else?


Into everything which will take uncertainty or death upon itself, He will enter as Life,
For everything that will not let the reflexion of life go from its hands,
Death will be the only certainty in it.

From outside to inside everything will be crumbling, from inside to outside everything will be born.
From outside to inside everything will be uncertain, there will not be any command over anything anymore.
From inside to outside everything will be easily controlled, for it has agreed to the uncertainty of everything.

Everything according to which we chase our balance is outside of us,
Only that, for which we leave our balance, lives within us.
No burden outside us could ever kill us,
What kills us is only what is inside, that to which we cannot agree.

All the paths have always been open to you and the Lord’s fluid is greeting you on them.
All the paths are still open to you,
But man has never known, and still does not, where he is going.
And yet, if you allow uncertainty of your paths,
You open up free path to life
And the Lord’s fluid is your guide.
But where there are only certainties, life is losing its palms.

During the time of the search all the paths were dappled, full of darkness and suffering,
And yet not even one was without the Lord’s fluid,
For all were searching for time’s freedom
And within every darkness the sun of hope shone.

Today all the paths are uncovered, none of them any longer covered with darkness,
And yet the pain of this world is greater than ever.
For in the palms of non-allowance there is light outside, but dark inside
And where there is darkness outside, there is no fluid, there is no life.

The fluid of search opened the paths of all directions,
But only allowances gave the fluid back the life from all directions.

You walk on the paths outside and think that the world is outside, but there is no outside world,
There is only darkness within, reflecting like light outside,
But man the only being who can accept the darkness within and master the basic reflex.
But until now there is no world, there is only the time of free will of your forgiveness,
Your whole world in it
And in it as much darkness as non-allowance.
Every non-allowance, one closed direction, every allowance your ray of hope.

The paths do not matter, they never have,
Only the fluid counts, which you give birth to by allowing the direction.
Each allowance a new direction,
But until you cover at least one with your forgiveness within,
There is only you and the time of your darkness in the mirror of all paths.
But all the paths are everybody else and you to others.

The time of the search has passed, turned its current around and gave birth to forgiveness from allowances.
And he who did not allow on the inside, how will he forgive on the outside?

Freedom has never existed and never will,
But there has always been mercy of the allowed,
Which in its forgiveness gives birth to new time for new paths of the world, which does not exist,
And yet mercy for everyone who forgive.

Once you take the insecurity of all paths upon yourself,
You will become the place of certainties of all directions.
There is only one place of certainty and that is you, who give the place;
However, if you search for your place, you are an eternal insecurity in everything.

As long as there is insecurity in you, you are the place of life,
But once you are secure everywhere and in everything,
Know that you are alone and that there is nobody that life could name after someone.

If we take everything that we like upon ourselves, what have we then allowed?
When we give up at least a part of ourselves, we have allowed something for that part.
But only once we are able to give the whole of ourselves up, will we truly allow anything.
And once we forgive the allowed within us, we will become the place of security,
The place of new life.

We allow from our powerlessness, but forgive only from His power,
Who allowed and forgave everything and thus freed the world.

If we allowed insecurity to everything, we would become security to everything;
But if we chase security in everything, we are only slaves of our own directions.

The time of the search has passed and those who have allowed have also forgiven,
But their voice within the last of everything, calling and searching:
‘Is there anyone who is still free for the paths of life?’