Irrefutable witness

The basic instinct is the instinct for self-preservation, and that is your original sin


You allow only insomuch as you accept the fact that you do not exist. Once you allow everything, all in you will calm down.

Deep down in the subconscious man knows that he does not exist, and that each form with which he tries to prove something is betraying him. Some are embarrassed by the fact that the fellow man thinks they are somebody – others exploit that.

Instinct is the power of non-existence which manifests into existence. The most obvious data in a man is that he does not exist, and yet his most powerful, the most solid faith that he has is precisely that; that he exists.

By believing in oneself the animal in man reacts; you are living in an animal world of instincts. But you do not exist.

Children always act by reacting, while the adults think things through, yet all of us carry within an elementary, sleeping instinct which is triggered according to a situation and lessens according to the break-down. It may last a moment, a day or a year (states of depression) or turn into a state of no cessation (the mentally ill).

The basic instinct is the instinct for self-preservation, and that is your original sin. Through all his relationships, during his whole life, man is learning how to die. As much as he receives, that much should he leave behind – insomuch as he is capable of dying, that much is he born on ‘the other side’.

Instinct, the most genuine, and yet only an actor of the present – and the honest soul, the seeker of the present on shores of the past and future.

Through his past man is remembering, and in his future he assumes, however, the only time and when he is most alive is in his present. Nevertheless, he will have to die out even in his own present, his basic presence, for the present itself is only a womb of life.

Although instinct might seem the most genuine contact with the present, it is nevertheless only a con of the one-sided spirit that inhabits the soul and body, and indirectly plays with the soul, which is, despite of the chambers of the past and the hope for the future the closest to the present in the spirit.

The present of the spirit is not yet awakened in the body, it has only begun to awaken in the soul. As long as you do not agree with the simplest in you, with one presence only, the instinct with its indirectness at the crossroads of the past and present reigns above the directness of all the hopes you have for now.

If man agreed to the basic presence, he would come to a halt in front of everybody’s eyes; whereas as long as he is chasing any kind of manifestation, each pair of eyes pierces through him.

You are not me and I am not you, and whoever thinks that he understands anything or that he is understood is wrong, for as long as man is instinctively bound to his own present, he does not comprehend, does not feel nor see anything that is on the other side.

The inner opens up the space for the outer, the outer sets boundaries to the inner.

People respect the big world, while rare few notice the small one, yet they do not know that only the small one will survive. With diligence you condition a small human to a child; if you allow him laziness, somebody will trample him sooner or later.

‘I bequeath peace to you, I give you my peace,’ the peace of the inner person that is in you, the peace of the basic presence.

The world of the small – the world of the inner does not have time nor space – does not have anything. You are the one who is giving time, space, and with that the content to the inner. The more that you are dying out in the present, the more you open up the space for the inner. All life originates from the inner and you are the one that gives it its pair.

According to the rule of the outer, the world of the small was only able to survive on your behalf, whereas according to the rule of the inner, you will survive only on behalf of the small which you have let live.

As long as something is on the inside, it is not broken down and hangs on the scale of cause and consequence. As much as you live yourself as a cause, that much you have to break yourself down. Once you give up the cause, you allow yourself as a consequence. However, you are not the cause, nor a consequence, but are defined according to the relation between the two.

The whole of universe is a consequence that is broken down by time. Time always flows within the consequence; it is invisible, while the consequence is not. Those who do not accept the consequence live the absence of the presence of the one who accepts the consequence.

The consequence breaks the whole down to the cause. Once everything is broken down to the cause, the cause will enact the consequence. At the moment everything is a reflection or the consequence according to which the cause is searched for through divisions.

‘If it had not been given to you, you would not have been able to judge me.’

The force of life is the one that decides. It always acts out of the opposite which you condition. Jesus conditioned Life in the inner and was therefore crossed by the rule of the outer.

The cause which is now one eight will become the whole. There are the whole and one eighton the scale – the cause and the consequence, and each has set the starting point of the effect by himself.

The Lord is infinitely righteous; the cruel one will be condemned by his own cruelty and the hearty will be saved by his own heartiness.

Everything on the inside will divide and everything on the outside multiply. There will only be multiplication and division, you will not be. Man will step to the uttermost boundaries of primitivism to preserve his faith in himself, when he should only accept his actual state – the fact that he does not exist.

‘I am going where even you cannot.’ Into the land of complete non-existence.

It is unbelievably easy to define somebody else into someone who does not exist, yet difficult to do so with oneself. As long as you experience yourself as something, you are living in the biggest error, for you essentially do not exist. You will only find rest in the fact that you are not and never will be. However, as long as you live, you do not exist, there are only your characteristics with which you hold on to something that is not.

Only he who does not exist can walk on water. The moment when he lost faith in the one who is not, he started to sink.

I am who I am. You are who you are; it is therefore impossible for you to fade away into nothing. Yet everyone will have to die out into the complete non-existence of their own existence.

When you place another into non-existence, you do not feel anything, as you are placing him into the non-existence of his existence. Nevertheless, once you are placed into non-existence, you groan over every inch of your own existence.

The present is now broken down to the presence itself. Each will have to accept his non-existence and with his hands let existence go.

The Lord is the rule of infinite presence and infinite absence.

Presence travels through everything and through it we are the basis to one another. Each is a presence of his own absence – you can double cross it or respect it.

Jesus died so that all after Him would exist on the inside; he went into the land of complete non-existence, for there was nobody there who would witness His birth on the inside.

Nobody exists, yet everyone who agrees to their non-existence is an irrefutable witness of the other.

You know nothing of what is to come because you do not exist.

And once you are given the existence after someone

You will know all about the coming,

But the past, which is now the only one, will be no longer.

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