Invisible thread


Man is before he is and time is before it is. Neither you nor time are defined, and thus also not factual.

Peace is a reflection of a temporal act. Everything else is a hoax, the relation of which to you is the same as its relation to fellowmen.

Man is way too ‘smart’ in relation to time when in fact he should strive to be nobody, so that time could inform itself after him.

Up to now the reflective world of the reflective time flew in limited forms and until it does not disentangle from the spirit, soul and body, until then the actual time remains like an invisible thread that does not possess the information about the little shirt that is supposed to be sewn together.

None of the forms up until now are thus actual but merely a projection. After the identified time in the spirit, soul, the time of new dimensions will begin. When a new dimension begins, so does the actual time. Time can have thousands of forms, yet until then, they are all merely fictitious.

The first identification of time is the ground zero that was conditioned by Jesus who opened a starting point within himself, allowing actual time to start flowing. Where, how and after whom the actual time will flow and what the invisible thread of time will weave depends only on each individual, for we each carry inside us the secret of the invisible thread of time.

Each palm is handed an invisible thread of spirit. Some weave pretend clothes of their own glamour with it, while others allow their own nakedness and weave clothes for Him, who allowed his nakedness and entered the world of invisible threads alone, with his shame. However, you will not be able to see him until the conditioned thread of time is completely knit.

Once time gets its face, all forms that deformed it fall, as the identification of the notion of time is not possible anymore – identification can only be made in regards with reflections of time. In relation to the actual time one can only be either accurate or lost.

Do not mask yourself in moods in front of people but rather try to prompt a good frame of mind in them. A true intention always finds a solution for it contains consistency, consistency contains the correct piece of information and that piece contains realization.

Life will shove you into ever greater distress but you have to be consistent and it will automatically help you with correct pieces of information. For this inner information to serve, you have to be completely devoted. The moment when your subjective information forces out the inner one, the answer cannot be obtained. When the inner aligns with the outer – when the invisible shines through visible, you trust. If you are primordial, you do not consider the inner information.

From birth to death you are caught in death while the invisible force of life flows through you. The invisible thread is not limited, only the form of projection is. He who treats you as his own limits you in death; he who tames his own palm, an invisible palm in his palm awakens you into life. The moment that man with his own touches the infinite, he kills – the moment he lets go, he revives. The whole evolution and the universe are programmes of death where forces of Invisible go to die, while the devoted trust the rivers of the Invisible and consequently among themselves unknowingly open a new programme.

Everyone likes to return to where someone conditions true eyes.

The self-seeker fools everyone with his eyes – the hearty one puts everyone in front of their own eyes. You awaken the true eyes in front of you or you fool all eyes with yours. Be dead and everything will come to life in front of your eyes. Do not play life, for everything will die in front of your eyes.

When defending your form, your world, you defend only death but if you withdrew yourself for the flower, for the river, for a man, then the Invisible would give birth to a flower, a river… Everything that accepts its own nakedness or death gives rise from the Invisible to new and live.

Defences from his own nakedness bend and limit man. Man should become naked, admit his selfishness, or something… but until you hold on to yours, you pour everything invisible into a mould and steal from everything for your world in a mirror without light. The Invisible in you thus forever quenches, for you did not have the heart to let your hands sew a world in which it could live.

Everything that is visible hunts you and only the power of the Invisible calms you down if you trust it.

Man lives on the boundary between life and death, between limitation and infinity. He defends his death as if it were life, when he would allow life if he would only trust the Invisible. If you trust Him, the Invisible puts the paths in order on its own. But as soon as you touch Him with your palms, you put out the only thing that holds the secret of eternal growth.

The invisible force flows within you as life and the manifestation in you is only death which you do not dare to acknowledge. To be naked means to be a corpse, yet only thus will you be able to enter the heavenly kingdom.

Those who do not cross the critical boundary will not see the heavenly kingdom. The critical boundary is you yourself, you who limit everything with yourself and are blind for everything in front of you because for you, it stays invisible in you.

Yet you have the palms of the Invisible and know the secret of the invisible threads.

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