Invisible force

Life is created in silence. There are no big or small thoughts in it, none whatsoever in the end, only acceptance


The basic presence has never been lost, the basis is carried within each of us, and there is therefore no need to look for it elsewhere. This basis is your peace, your balance if you agree to it and not translate it as a monologue with yourself.

Time has formed and complemented the circle in man. Man is a complete reflection of time; time has stopped in him, divided and in the search for coverage, started flowing in its inner or outer circle. Man who takes passing onto himself, remains with himself and gives birth to inner time; man who does not take passing onto himself, is reflected in his giving and gives birth to the time of the outer. Everything that is reflected from its basis is staged and is losing its inner time – it is losing its basis.

Man is a complemented time, he is given everything and therefore owes the coverage of everything. If man came to a halt within himself in the name of everything, he would become the starting point of eternity.

There is the time of life and the time of death. The time of death is opening on one side and the time of life on the other. For him who is leaving the outer time, everything that is worth life is flowing toward on the inner; those who are leaving the inner time are on the outer chased by the time of the missing coverage of the basis or time of death.

Man is obligated to outweigh everything, for he is given everything. With every reflection man hunts the balance of the reflected; and everything that is reflected is put into passing, for a new reflection has never given birth to anything new. Only that which is outweighed gives birth to new balances, to life; each reflection, no matter how perfect, is only a performance of life.

The forces of balance are a mystery of life. Nothing can be in balance with itself, it is always in balance with something.

The unknown has kept man in the embrace of the balance of the future; with comprehension the balance of life is coming into the present and in it the lines of force of balance act from, from man himself, from his basis.  A cylinder, circle, circumference – all are projections or reflections of time from the Lord’s basis. All projections fall off in the present, for the canvass of performance from the basis is torn apart, there is no more dream world of the future as there does not exist the connection between the time on the outside and on the inside anymore.

The Lord is the rule of balance. Balance is the mystery of life. Balance is an invisible line, which man can overstep freely according to his free will, and he thus steps over the line into his monologue, his own performance with which he takes the balance of everything. And on the other side man can respect the rule of God and stay behind the line, establishing a dialogue with everything, as he is giving balance to everything.

Man is trying to establish a personal dialogue, he should, however, step into a dialogue with life, which is the only one that opens up the balance of reality. Every creation establishes new balances, if man is in a dialogue, if he is with reality and not in a monologue of his own confirmation.

With the rule of the monologue man is stepping over the fields of infinite forms of balance, given by the Lord. With the principles of monologue he can trample all rules of life.

Until something is taken from you, you are not aware of its value, and just the same are we not aware of the force of balance or Lord’s rule until the rule of the biggest force starts to act in us ourselves, as the result of a monologue or dialogue, like death or Life.

Jesus took the cross upon himself, with his death he conditioned an infinite dialogue for all of us. By doing so he stopped the infinity of monologue or the projection on the horizontal, he brought a new consciousness – after Him everyone is aware of their principle or monologue. He brought a sword into the house of the self-willed and life into the house of the loyal one.

There are three verticals, three divisions and the third one is beginning. According to it, there remains only one side – from the basic presence Man is rising, on the canvass of life’s performance the basis is dying out. All outer rules are not valid anymore, the inner ones are appearing. No rule is the authority of the relation anymore, because the other side is completely turned off in the psyche of the selfish one, it does not exist anymore – the field of the basis disappears from the consciousness as it is not impregnated with a dialogue. Each word to the selfish one is in weakness, for he is trapped in his own world and thus blind and deaf to everything.

Great is the tragic of the man who is losing the man within.  Wisdom saves, but at the same time also destroys – with every thought that man has understood but not outweighed, he washed away the life in himself; only in an outweighed understanding is life born.

There is a word behind every word, a touch behind every touch and a though behind every thought, but the important thing is which one you listen to; the first or the second… the first one kills, the second gives birth. It is the same with leaving.

Word behind a word is asymmetry, the first one falls into the second one and closes it, the second enters the first one and opens it, for the mother of the first is darkness, and the father of the second life.

Man was given days, golden days of the coverage of the basis, for him to mature in. Until now everyone has had the basic coverage, the fields of life were generously opening in front of you; now you will no longer have the day of reality, if you subjugate the days. If you have respected and cultivated the Lord’s fields, then a lot of beauty will blossom; if you have washed away the given seed, you will cry within, not being able to bring life back to life.

In the time of one the Lord covered each length with proximity, outweighed each monologue with a dialogue, but the vertical of comprehension is dividing everything that has divided and is uniting everything that has been divided into one.

A fire in a mirror has never made anyone warm. Just the same the staged life brings only lengths into people’s souls. The bold give birth to lengths in their relations; only the proximity of humble hearts warms up the palms.

Each dialogue is a new bud, a new and eternal proximity from the one that is called the Lord of Life, and nothing can touch it.



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