Invisible boundary

You are no life, life is within you


Wrapped in seeming boundaries of one another,
But each within himself caught in invisible boundaries of their own,
In the seeming world of two we were hidden, you and mem a child of one.

In the defence of his life man is thrown out of the world of one into two only once he trusts the life within and the Lord helps him from two into one. Proper knowledge is chasing one in two, which always dodges into the third; only loyalty leads man along the trails of chance from two into one.

Proper knowledge is always only an echo of the proper wall from the invisible boundary of proper world.

As much as man is relieving himself, that much is the life in him blind. It is your knowledge and the knowledge of life in you. Only in his ignorance does man enter the trail of life.

Everything follows man, if man follows the one within. However, if he chases one of his world in the seeming world, then two is passing over onto him, paralyzing him, while the two in him is playing with the third.

Life in you is limitless, if you do not limit it with your distrust.
Life does not organize man, man organizes himself according to his trust.
He who has faith in life, life in him does not know boundaries.

All boundaries are seeming and in fact do not limit anything. As long as man defends anything of his, he remains in the traps of his own boundaries, with which he limits only himself from life.

We open eyes of one another and we fool each other. An honest man tries to erase the boundaries of his fellow man, while the unfair one builds a triumphal arch on them.

We are all born equal and the language in us depends on our trust. Whenever you take responsibility upon yourself and do not put it others, the life within you speaks.

Your presence carries within infinite wisdom,
If you did not limit yourself and share the life in you with your own comparisons.
A half of two is enough for death, the whole of one for life.

In his ignorance man is given everything, infinite wisdom, accuracy… but as soon as he starts chasing his face in the comparisons of the seeming world, he loses the power of one or life within him. Man dictated the state of the spirit, now the spirit is dictating the state of man.

You are no life, life is within you.

Look at a bird flying, a flower on the field… are they not full of loyalty to life? Birds learn to fly, plants sprout because within they allow all the wisdom to life, as much as there is of it in them. And what would the nature be like, if it rose above the life within?

And that is exactly what man did. In the comparison of his own he exited from one and put his own brains above the brains of life within him, his own accuracy above the accuracy of life, his own power above the power of life…

…and remained alone behind invisible boundaries of his own, which he can no longer trespass, for in his illusion they have bloomed above all and limited life with the death of the seeming world.

Invisible boundaries are boundaries of proper death.
They are not set by life, but by man.
Invisible boundary is the boundary between life and death,
For life can go across everything, only over your boundaries not.

As long as you do not allow everything in front of you as one without comparison, everything before you is dividing you into two of your own comparison.

In relying on one another every fluid dies out and thus the fluid in the comparisons of the man’s seeming world has died out; only on the fields of loyalty do the fluids of the one, limitless world, smell nice.

Where man gives up his space, he is of free comparison – the fluids of life flow there.
Where he takes up the space; the death of proper boundaries within himself.

Each proper authority is authority of death over life; only loyalty to life divides life from death.

Man adds to himself and thus subtracts from life,
Only the loyal ones, like flowers on a field, subtract footprints in the snow of their own
And the fluids of life subtracted in them are adding eternal spring,
Erasing the invisible boundaries in themselves.