Infinite value

Righteousness always judges two, but is unjust towards the third


Everything that extinguished within you will disappear beyond the horizon of your world,

Everything for which you have lit a ray of hope will rise in the sky of your heart.

For everything was outside without coverage on the inside,
Just the same as you were born into a seeming birth without coverage.

And yet He, who did not have a world of his own, died on the cross of the real and opened the world of another world which lit the ray of hope. For many as consolation, for many the dream of their world, but only death for the loyal ones, death of their world, and on the other side the world of the Real.

There cannot be two in the place of one,
There can only be you or somebody else to whom you gave the place, the place of reality.

You are a manifestation of some mirroring, a seeming birth. If you had truly been born, you would be at complete peace with that, but now everyone is hunting you and you everyone after whom you seek your confirmation.

‘Do not let the left hand know what the right is doing’, said Jesus. You cannot consciously awake anything, consciously you only search for the balance for yourself, while inside of you everything towards which you have a fair relationship is automatically arising, for you are the one who is reviving the other side with the power of your loyalty.

Righteousness always judges two, but is unjust towards the third. The third does not judge anything, and yet it judges fairly in the name of everything, for it is born automatically within one another. Man has never been able to restore righteousness, only life can set it.

As long as there is asymmetry, there is no direct contact with oneself, for somebody else is carrying the cross of your non-coverage, the cross of nobody’s reality.

Reality is the smallest of all, which is why in their illusion many travel past it. In order for reality to come to life, man should first stop, so as to be able to step on the path of something. However, man today is not ready to stop in the name of anything anymore.

Everything that is stopped is in front of the cheek of reality. Life itself is stopping people, so that they would give a pair to reality, and yet many even then do not do that, as for a pair of reality complete loyalty is needed.

All reconciliation with powerlessness is prayer and helps the man to leave his manifestation form. However, in the final sense is the deepest prayer awareness, and only awareness one after another is that according to which we leave our form of a dead spirit.

The spirit revives the one who has left his form.

Man is a manifestation in which the spirit of all forms got caught up, and man is therefore in a spasm of all forms caught in it. Every manifestation will remain, for they are the womb of the actual birth or the birth of the living spirit. But also the birth of death.

The one eight on the outside is undividable, it is the source of multiplication,
The one eight in you is a consequence of the division which defines manifestation or form.
He who preserves his form impregnates the division, he who leaves it the multiplication.

Life is not lawfulness, it is a chance, entwined in lawfulness. Neither is eternal life lawfulness, but eternal chance. At the moment you are according to chance, then the chance will be according to you, you are lawfulness, caught in the chance of reflections, but are becoming the lawfulness of the chance which you have conditioned yourself.

Consciousness is the first and last secret of life. We will have consciousness one after the other, will be getting lost within ourselves like blind men, not knowing where and whence.

Everything is leaving into the distance, and one in another which has survived is coming.
He who is leaving in his name is remaining in yours,
He who is leaving in the name of time is remaining in the name of eternity.

The spirit will pass over to reality, everything subjective will be empty spirited. It will not be this world which divides, but rather everything in it according to the principle of proper functioning.

The true values of everything will rise automatically,
The values that we have given to somebody else,
And thus He will ride, Who gave infinite value to everything,
But himself died on the cross of worthlessness.