Every man, every being is an incomplete event that is hunted by the current of incompleteness


Admission of one’s own incompleteness is conditioned by the completeness of the other side. No one can condition completeness for himself, we can only condition it to one another.

When people admit incompleteness the friendships through which they try to prove their completeness become only a refutation in the fight for supremacy and hatred. He who is complete does not allow admission to others. Only a complete erasure conditions completeness and when the time of completion comes, the rule on the completed throws out everything that does not condition the completeness into an eternal incompleteness.

There is only one event and a lot of proofs of the completed.

Life is a triggered event and everything (magnetisms, gravitations, man) serves as the solution to the elementary event. The nature solved the event only half way – it is man’s task to solve it all the way.

Each is hunted by the current of the incomplete; each is faced with the dilemma of admission of an unsolved event, the admission of one’s own nakedness in front of people and the proving of completeness.

All the proving is one-sided, only the admission of the incompleteness conditions two-sidedness and the completion of the only triggered event. Admission is the counter current of the one-sided, it is the path into God’s kingdom.

Jesus completely admitted himself as an incomplete event on the cross and conditioned the realization that everyone and everything in itself is infinitely incomplete. Without this admission man would get lost in the labyrinth of his own and would never run into anybody.

Only the acts of admission of the incomplete are pure in spirit.

All the actions with which man confirms himself carry inside a gap of the incomplete, and all the actions with which man in admission of his own incompletion resigns from himself are a seed of completion in man’s foundation.

The secret of the saving of yours is in their hands and the secret of the saving of theirs is in yours.

Each man for himself is unsolved, incomplete and by admitting that unknowingly a solution for another, however, the belief in one’s own completion from the loved one always demands only confirmation of one’s own completion. Many hold one another under the authority of a solved event and thus refute each other’s admission and create an abyss of artificial worlds without foundation.

Once you come to terms with the fact that you are only an incomplete event, you no longer chase your own events and proper confirmations, for we are all an eternal labyrinth to ourselves and a solution to one another.

All completed events are artificial worlds, only the allowance of incompleteness opens the circle to life.

Each who believes himself to be a solved event carries a conviction with which he locks you in his one-sided circle; only he who remains silent and agrees with being an incomplete event opens up the land of freedom.

The event itself has the power to take care of everything if only it is not troubled by your worry.

The most disquieting for man are incomplete actions. Yet even if man could complete all the actions, he would not be able to bypass the fact the he is himself an incomplete action and consequently hunted by fleetingness. Man can accept this fact and live the cross of the incomplete, or in the mirror confirm himself as completeness.

Man lives his side as the one and only, yet in this one and only merely draws his own fleetingness. Everything that agrees to its incompleteness walks the path of departure which is the bridge to the other side, and opens up the gates into the land of non-sidedness.

You cannot cheat reality, for all one-sided journeys end, only those who agree to non-sidedness are eternal.

Life is non-sided and eternal.

Your birth is an event fulfilled with life, unless you trouble it with your creation. Let life be life and it will live until you weave the threads alone, however, as long as you burden life events with your care, you sully them.

Each action is disturbed by the current of incompleteness to the exact point of incompleteness that you in yourself do not accept.

The Father’s Son is a man who completely agreed to the incompleteness, with the obliteration of the one-sided and went into complete namelessness. In his namelessness he is your brother who awaits your namelessness – your agreement to namelessness.

Trust life like the Son trusted the Father, give space to life and life will live, for you are the space of life for another and they are the space of life for you – if you cover it with your worry, the life in you and another is fading out. Agree to your namelessness, only in it can life blossom in eternity.