In the heart of the one who does not exist

Self-awareness is the world of the personal – awareness the world of the actual


The soul is awareness that seeks awareness, and thus always tries to be somebody before somebody. The path of awareness is the path of invisible time of two sides that run simultaneously from the starting point of one another.

Awareness travels, self-awareness circles in the circle of its own starting point. He who preserves only his conscience has little or no awareness about things.

Someone who preserves his awareness or existence at the expense of somebody else, does not see, feel nor understand anything that is in front of him. He, who above all, expresses his conscience about something, has the least awareness about it.

Once you manage to be nobody in front of people, you open up a space to the man before you and there your path from unawareness into awareness begins.

Only in spirit is the soul at peace of nobody in front of people and only in the world of nobody are the lights of the invisible world of awareness turned on. All is one and if somebody allows you before himself and if you allow him, you are in spirit of one with him.

Every man is born with a mark of self-awareness and within the eyes, the heart, the intellect everyone carries the eyes, the heart, the intellect of awareness. Each man walks through life down the path on which self-awareness controls unawareness – but only that which you allow within yourself in this path unbinds you from self-awareness and leads you from the abyss of unawareness into awareness.

Self-awareness is the world of the personal – awareness the world of the actual. With all the actual is self-awareness stepping before your face and turning into awareness – with all the personal you cover up your own abysses of unawareness with self-awareness.

‘Serve your own self-awareness and the whole world will be at your feet.’  Was the Son tempted with the promise of the false world of everything in the world of nothing. And the Son said: ‘I am nobody before you, who promises everything, but I trust the Lord, who is nothing before everything and does not promise anything. I love the Father who is nobody in the mirror of his own and without promises in the mirror of mine.’ And he bent into nothing, in order to condition the world of his Father, the Lord of everything.

He who is somebody belittles everything in front of him, although promising everything. Only that which is nothing before everything gives birth to everything in the heart of the one who is nobody.

Man is a prisoner of his own world and lives in the illusion of freedom of self-awareness. Only if you are nobody the temptation of the illusion of proper freedom has no power over you. However, it is difficult to walk on the bridge of awareness of the one that does not exist, over the rivers of those who do.

As long as man can be confirmed through other, he does not feel the weight of it, but once the burden of his own confirmation falls onto man, it falls with all might which he anticipated but let fall on the shoulders of another. For a man does not exist who would not know when he confirmed himself and when he allowed others.

But only in the heart of the one who is nobody is everything born.