Human qualities are wine-like


Man has many physical and mental qualities that are neither good nor bad. As long as he is not aware of them, they are healthy and mature over of time. Yet they turn bad once man becomes conscious of them.

Man first becomes sentient of his physical characteristics and only later of the psychological ones that touch upon his mental worlds, for it is easy to be aware of beautiful legs and a smile, and difficult of your own mind.

Yet a smile is pleasing only as long as one is not aware of it. Only then it is original, reflecting man’s inner world and letting his soul smile through it. The instant one becomes conscious of that smile it turns into a forgery of the soul that it was stolen from. Only the body is left smiling then.

If you wish to keep your qualities from spoiling, let them mature through life the same as grape must matures into wine. Time will give them colour and your youth allow them to ripen into good wine, making you a strong, healthy man.

Once human characteristics mature they can turn either into a good wine or just good vinegar. There is no need to be a high quality wine, many grow into sour people yet remain as good as gold. Personal ambitions are therefore superfluous and letting life decide what becomes of you a wiser option.

Due to their own characteristics people often experience complexes, yet those are unnecessary, for time turns all our traits into positive features of life, one only has to allow it.

Our own problems always seem unsolvable whereas those of others appear commonplace. The complex can stem from traits that others admire in us, for he who has a complex, experiences his characteristics as weaknesses. Yet others might find his characteristics as agreeable traits of life.

Our characteristics cannot be overcome or erased. They will forever remain our own, whatever they might be and surmounting them thus cannot appease us. Our thirst can only be quenched by one water, and that is the oblivion of oneself.

Self-oblivion is only obtained through time and one must be sensible enough to be able to endure, see clearly and understand one’s life problems. Only thus can there be closure. And once the circle is completed, the problems are exclusive. When a certain starting point circles round and is attached to the end, the point zero occurs. It is then that human subconscious expels particular considerations and tension.

By drinking the water of self-oblivion one gets drunk on life. The thirst disappears as man finds true peace. Do not dwell on complex analysis, for once you do that, you get lost in an inner analysis that only leads to true complexes and frustrations. Inner analysis is excluded by self-oblivion.

It is thus wise to forget about oneself and not analyse inwards but rather look at life outwards. Observe life in front of you with contemplating eyes. When you devote yourself to others the analysis turns from self-relationship into a relationship and from inner analysis into an outer one. One analyses on the inward when thinking about oneself and on the outward when caring for others. And as much as you analyse on the outward and the more effort as you truly invest into a relationship that is how much peace you will receive.