Holes in time


All the space is just a hole in time, since it exists as an addition to some subtraction, or at the expense of confiscation, the exact unit on the other side – as much as there is space for a plus on that side, that much is the other side always in minus. From the view of the space, the universe represents addition or perfection, which can be depicted with a sphere; from the view of time, it is a subtraction, depicted with emptiness or a hole.

According to this rule, everything; animate, inanimate nature as well as man are only a hole in time. However, man, the last being of the evolution, is the only being that was born according to the 50:50 ratio rule between the addition and subtraction, or between a sphere and a hole. Man is thus stretched between the sphere and the hole. That is a neutron, enabling man to quickly define himself. Within the neutron the soul remains undefined and has the possibility of choice.

The definition in man ripens and the neutron in him is negating. Once the neutron in man is negated, an infinite zero occurs between the oppositely polar – between the loyal and self-willed ones, which finally annihilates any chance of the possibility for the ratio. At the same time, the chosen rule is realized in two extremes:

  1. Two spheres realize a hole or a time landslip or abyss – as there is no more hole in the pair, they try to beat each other into the position of the hole to preserve the balance, and this process continues forever on…
  2. A sphere is realized between two holes, free time in which the content of their nature is formed. For only once man resigns from himself and accepts the hole, he liberates it in time and the accepted hole is the basis of everything and thus establishes the possibility of infinite birthing. However, only once two do the same, does a hole support a hole, giving birth to the actual sphere. And two accepted holes are enough for an infinite number of holes and spheres to become free due to them…