Hidden burden

Normality is not in accepting wisdom, but in being able to accept madness


‘Come to me all who are tired and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon yourself, because I am meek and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls; for my yoke is pleasant and my burden light.’

Everything that is burdened with itself will sink in time; everything that will throw off the burden of its volition will be balanced in space.

Time is not a pile of soil which you could measure for yourself; time flows through man. You are measured – you are an overtaken time in which you dream your worlds, but measure only your own burdens. Your dreams are led by searches, your confirmations are burdens on the path to what you seek.

Time is in its foundation at a standstill. The current of time creates divisions, but all divisions are only seeming, because they are reflective and one-sided. Time is a left without the right and a right without the left – time is asymmetry. Time is one-sided and does not have the other side. The two-sidedness is only a mirror image and it is not known what the starting point is and what the reflection. If you are completely still in yourself, you condition the accuracy of the feedback and once it is confirmed also from the other side, it becomes the starting point of reality.

People live in our own worlds even when we live with one another.  In order to be able to enter a world, you have to give up yours. There exists an infinite number of dream worlds; the one and only is now being born, the world of the real. He who does not enter at all into another world, will crumble in his own; he who completely enters into another world, will be absolved from his.

The dream world is without comparison because the real one does not exist yet. He who does not allow comparison cannot give up his own dreams. Due to their own dreams in this dream, people act conceitedly. Happy the man who was cast off, because he is not in temptation of his own dream.

Jesus left the world of wishes and turned the current of time. Now everyone walks toward the wind of time with his wishes and measures only himself in all his volition. For time is one-sided and there is no other side.

The time of your own volition is shrinking and will overtake you in many actions. Time is rushing more and more and overtaking man, however, it is overtaking only your burdens – your fleetingness.

On this world we are all the blind in the darkness, blinded by our own burdens. The self-confident stares at the mirror of eternity and confirms himself in it; the loyal stares at the mirror of fleetingness and is confronted with his own weakness.

All the relations and you included are only a middleman of the real in the darkness. Some use other’s darkness for the day of their own in the mirror and walk the path of coming, some accept the darkness and are on the path of leaving. Once the mirror dies out, the mirror relations die out and the real ones are brought into the open. We are all going to die; the Divine dies in some, the fleeting in another. Someone turns off the rule of the Lord and realizes his own; someone’s own rule is turned off and the Divine realized.

Nature has brought the one-sided time to man. Time carries the print of the whole man. If man defends the print of man, he loses man’s time. The Lord is the rule of time and all who cling to the print are losing in the time record of man in the Lord; only he who discards his own time is outlined in the Lord.

As long as time flows through man it burdens him, and once man discards all his own burdens, he himself becomes time. Man is in the name of what he can let go becoming time, and two who will be time for one another will open up a new space.

The body that blooms in youth and is greying into fleetingness, your every characteristic and also your intellect and heart, are your burdens. Only Death is burden free and also Life, but between the two, your path of search and your burden on the way to silence.

Everything that comes to a halt in silence somewhere on the way to the actual silence remains in a monologue with himself. The stars, quiescent and silent, have come to a halt somewhere on the way and man too, quiescent and silent in a chosen position, is like a star that can glint in any moment and is like a timed bomb on the other side, hidden in its own monologue.

The stars are not aware of their silence; man is the only one who knows that he has to go to the end of the path where silence can start speaking in him.

Jesus is quiescence and silence with you, but until you do not stop and become silent as well, is the Jesus in you in solitary confinement.

Because death is modest and life is modest, but full of wealth in a modest man.



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