Here and now

The universe is a contradiction that defines the present


The rule of gravitation and the rule of magnetism are two rules that are crossed one across the other. Until the starting point was established with the final realization, they acted reciprocally, one after the other. Magnetisms caused gravities and gravities caused magnetisms. Everything was random or at the expense of another because the starting point was not fixedly set (the rule of waving, 180° angle).

Two people on a field. Defining which is right and which left is arbitrary as it depends on the point of view. Two boats on the sea – the first can be defined according to the second and the second according to the first, that is all. The sun defines the planets’ orbits and the planets the sun’s position. But that place is not absolute but the relative centre of the sun. Everything that is relative is inaccurate and this inaccuracy keeps the sun in a constant tension of central alignment of the absolute core in which and due to which it shines and keeps the planets in their orbits. If the precise absolute centre were found, the tension would disappear and the sun would without it die out and the planets, without the gravitational field, fly away.

When the starting point was found, the reciprocity of magnetism and gravity began to separate. In the first phase, the 100% co-dependence fell to 50%. Out of the rule of waving of 180° angle, the first round up of 225° was restored and the first shut down occurred. From two points of view the round up of 225° creates the round up of the 270° angle. The 360° angle thus lacks 90° or a quarter to be complete.

During the second shut down the co-dependence drops to 25%, leaving only a quarter of reciprocity between magnetism and gravity. The rounding up of 270° angle is established. At this point the here and now is the only relation that man has to accept and submit to. If he runs and looks for new ones, he only becomes entangled in the agony of empty searches, for the rounding up of 270° angle from two sides of the view makes up for 360°, which is the perfect wholeness and thus accuracy in the Lord.

We are now getting close to the point of absolute accuracy. Realization has touched awareness, and awareness realization. In the basic relations and relationships ¾ or the rounding up of the Lords 270° angle – the absolute rule, is already working. A quarter of the 90° angle is still available, although it is already found in the Lord (in the common sub consciousness or common present). In man himself it will be realized only when the accuracy is completely covered and the co-dependence gone.

The Lord is the rule or the starting point. He is the absolute accuracy after which he is the fixed point of your information. That is how the Lord’s rule operates in man. As long as there was no starting point you were information to anyone and everything that you respected was information to you. That information in you, however, was relative and therefore inaccurate. It was not confirmed in the Lord. Nobody can be information to anyone now, only by agreeing to your uncertainty can you condition the Lord’s information guiding you in your ignorance.

If you are unable to accept the relation here and no, you will not be able to accept anything. When the magnetism and gravity are completely separated – when the rule of magnetism is no longer reciprocal, there comes three-day darkness. The difference will not exist anymore then. Everything will work directly, every relationship will be direct. There will be no more arbitrariness, only absoluteness. Everything will depend on what you yourself condition.

Jesus took X (non-information) or the cross of his own erasure and called each Y (information) into question.

Everything that consents to X or the shapelessness finds itself in its place after the Lord, even the brick that the bricklayers discarded will, after your soul, carry the Lord’s presence.

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