Half of everything through everything

You will recover through everything
That you let through yourself
And fall ill after everything
You are not able to let through yourself.


Man is everything that can go through everything, if he agrees to nothing. And he is nothing that is reflected in everything and therefore cannot go through anything, as nothing goes through him.

Light is not compatible with anything – it cannot let anything through itself, and is therefore reflected in everything. Man is compatible with everything, everything can go through him, but only if he does not walk through everything into the reflection of his own existence.

Man is the only being that runs from himself. With infinite speed, faster than himself in everything that he reflects into, he exists as man in everything, although nothing has been born in him yet. He exists as a reflection of a Man on the cross of the unborn, who has agreed to his own darkness or the unknown of the man within, and set up a milestone of the measurement of man, so that man could be and run from himself in everything.

Prehistoric times were portioned out in man,

But man in the prehistoric time, if he has only just accepted it.