Leave behind everything that you own and everything that owns you will slowly start to let you go.

Awake from all your possessions, your soul sleeps in them – leave them behind today, before you fall asleep in them forever.

Only awake will you be able to walk away from your last possession– from everything that you have ever thought you were – from yourself. This is your last and only goodbye.

Everything that you do for yourself binds you to your own memory – to self-consciousness.

Only that what you put above yourself is given your heart, and thus in a real relationship you forget about yourself and find a natural way to leave yourself.

Not what you do but rather your essence, hidden from the sight, makes you a beast in everything that you do only for yourself, whereas anything that you unknowingly do for others gives rise to the man inside you.

In the eyes of others your own manifestation might seem good and hearty, yet looking through your own eyes you would, just as Cain killed Able, kill another if it came down to the sword of life and death – to the decision when only one of the two can survive. The beast or the man inside you decides then and everything that has not left you will in complete self-awareness squash and kill everything around. Only that which has completely forgotten itself and become a memory of anyone or anything will stay clean-handed.

My oblivion – your memory, your oblivion – my memory

‘Where I go you cannot come,’ into a complete oblivion, to my Father’s right hand, to the place that Lord has prepared for everyone who completely forgets about himself. I am thus forgotten in all manifestations and killed in all the acts of manifestation. But I have left everything behind and came to the place of the oblivion of birth, to wait for someone to wake me up as a living memory – a memory that is still to come and give me a new birth.

The Lord is complete oblivion. Only he who has forgotten about himself is the Lord’s son and there is a place in me that is ready for him.

Only the complete truth is the complete oblivion of yourself, for everything that you dream about keeps you in your own awareness. Only that which you do in relation to something is real.

What is so bitter that you cry, when there is so much of the invisible that you could awake around you? But only if you did not dream about your own bitterness but in your self-awareness rose above the bitterness of the one that sleeps in you. The sleeping one, who awaits only your own oblivion, so that he could become your joy. Man sees only one – only his story. Yet there is an infinite number of invisible stories that await your oblivion.

This world is a world of separation or the mercy of oblivion of yourself through everything that is in front of you. After it, there comes a world of complete truth where the oblivion itself will not be enough. The complete truth requires complete resignation from yourself. Twelve Stations of the Cross – twelve Stations of your fight with yourself.

The time of the unknown is mercy, but when the time of the truth comes, there comes also the time of your fight with yourself.

Faith is a search in a search, whereas comprehension is understanding and as such means either acceptance or non-acceptance of what is sought. Only he who tried with all his might will be granted comprehension and only he who really tried will be granted the acceptance of what he has realized. He, who tried only for himself, will be driven mad by what he has realized.

Man could be ultimately ready for infinity in advance, although his separation would be walking with him. There is nothing that limits you except you yourself. He, who works as he goes along, is under constant stress of his own consciousness. The one who falls behind is under even bigger stress for his own sub consciousness is overtaking him.

Why not be ready for a day, a month, a year in advance in your own oblivion and everything that would come your way would be pleasant. With loyalty you can be ready your whole life, while the principle makes you miss out on your.

We know different levels of wakefulness. A greater awakening, a greater feeling, a greater depth of perception. Rising is the true awakening and the circle of awakening is infinite in him, who is real.

It is sensible to stay somewhere for the duration of awakening, but then leave, for you will be tempted by the property of the awoken. As soon as you are a property of a kind you are forced into a dream, therefore leave the day that your eyes open, go away from any property; only so will you be able to awake.

States of awakening are invisible states. Be grateful to anyone who awakes you and opens your eyes to the invisible, for the world of sleep is a world of ghosts. When a man falls asleep in the world, the world also falls asleep in him, and the close in him becomes the distant. The world within the relationship becomes dark, therefore leave, before you fall asleep in reactions.

Give meaning to actions and they will awake you. Do not fear for your awakening, try and the Lord will awake you. There are acts of reaction that put you to sleep and make you the property of the world of the ghosts. And then there are acts of awakening that awake the Man in you.

Finish every job so that the magnetic field that owns you and puts you to sleep would ease and you could go into oblivion. You are not God and thus cannot in a relationship of two obliterate and forget yourself. You can only leave through your parts – after the third point you can unbind yourself from yourself.

Resurrection is the final awakening into the reality of Trinity.

Man will not be inside reactions anymore then and every reaction will be a living man.

There is nothing of yours, only a goodbye within a goodbye – a goodbye from every relationship and in it the goodbye from yourself.

And in it Him, your living memory that arises anew as the Living Man.

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