God’s cheek


God’s face that sleeps in each of us,
With the brush of time and the colour of heredity painted over like a fresco.
And a wise man like a restorer peels off all the deposits of heredity or the original sin,
Until every trace of them disappears, and only thus can into his free trace
From nothing step the Lord’s original of his face.

However, the stupid one paints over his face with the claim that it is his holy right to do so, the right that no one has the right to take away or limit, and he thus fights for it for the cost of life with all the colours.

nce you finally abandon any one of your faces and are left without a face before yourself, you will carry the Divine one who will from you shine like a light in the dark for everyone else; but you yourself will be at eternal peace and calm be waiting for divine faces after those who have already left their faces.

But as long as you fight for a touch of your face,
Know that you are in purgatory – in a world that does not exist.

In all those who have upgraded their faces inside out – to the basis of the Divine,
The Divine in them will wither away and they will spin into a tornado of eternal darkness of cruel faces of death.

And if you are wise, you surely know that, as Jesus said:
‘I am truly, truly telling you – there is no power that would disturb peace,If you are an offering without your face and your own name.