God does not live because we live

Complexes stem from wrong self-evaluation. In the end we are always wrong, whether we praise or judge ourselves


Our eyes cannot see if the eyes of the loved one do not see. Only then do we see the person with our essence and realize that they are just as poor a devil as we are. Due to this rule no one among us in this world – although we all think that we can see – has never seen anything.

Only when the time that we were born for and were tormented because of comes will we truly look and see, as we will look and see with the eyes of our loved ones and they will see through the look of our eyes. For the Lord does not have a heart, if he does not have our heart through which his could beat. Just the same as we have never had our own hearts and can beat only through the Lord’s heart – in unity with the Lord’s spirit.

Then we will know that we do not have to fight for our own eyes, our heart or anything ours or for something that we have never had, do not have and will never have. And that is our existence.

Our eyes will truly see then and our heart will be true, for we will see through Lord’s eyes and our hearts will beat through his. We will know that our eyes, our heart, etc. have never been ours. That we have never been our own, and that everything was merely a realized Lord’s rule which we had the option to allow or not.

To achieve that, we first have to give up the illusion that anything in this world is real – we have to resign from ourselves and any kind of our own rules. Only thus can our eyes be conceived, come to life and in the end be born in the Lord.

At the moment we are just before the birth before the Lord. This is the only reality of this world. We are born only because of that, everything else is our illusion.

Only once we are born according to the Lord’s rule will we be at the Lord’s mercy, for the Lord is a poor man, a homeless one, a pauper and cannot function until he has us – until we give him our heart, our eyes… or ourselves.

He has given us everything as it is, and does not live because we do, which is the greatest God’s mercy for all of us and the whole world. We should therefore be merciful and give Him our heart, eyes…so that his and our eyes, his and our heart will remain in the place once and for all. In the end we will realize that we have walked this entire path, for only this is our path and there is no possibility of it being anyway different.

We will be aware that the Lord had to create such a path, for only thus could he preserve our essence – our soul. This world has put us through suffering, bitterness and abandonment. Whenever we accept this bitterness and suffering, we are becoming more and more compatible. When the time comes our eyes will thus start to see and behold the live reality. Until then they are more or less blind.

What is purgatory? Purgatory is the eyes that cannot see and the heart that cannot beat. In the hell of the soul, the eyes are stolen by it, while in heaven it watches through the eyes of the Lord.

The rule of life does not judge according to human logic or intellect. The only thing that matters is whether we are capable of mercy, for through the eyes of the merciful our eyes will be able to see when the time comes. And through our mercy, the eyes of the merciful will see.

Many years of maturation and a lot of crosses are necessary for a man to grow true compassion for everything, similarly as a big and strong tree needs many years to grow. With our mercy we can become a great tree, for a lot of effort, power and patience are necessary for our compassion to reach our loved ones.

Why does Mary, as she keeps appearing around the world, always ask us for prayer? So that our faith, mercy, effort and consistency would grow and get stronger. Why does a strong storm come and tears us away in a second? Every doubt we have can cancel out everything that we have learned and lived so far and thus take us away from the Lord’s rule. We should therefore be a strong tree full of faith, mercy, consistency and actions.

Everything has its bonus in time. All the plants, all the animals and man as well. Everything grows to a certain point and then it seals up. If something grows strong enough, there is not a storm that could tear it away. It is the same with man – it is sealed up.

On the sealed up the next level can begin. Once man in his psychological development reaches the second level (the level of the soul), he is ready for the third one – for the world of the spirit. With his own maturation his spirit grows and there is less and less possibility for anything tearing him away from his path and ruining him.

The rules of relationships that Jesus Christ with his offering finally sealed up as the foundation of eternal life therefore cannot be cancelled out. Why – one pair of eyes was bestowed so that all eyes of this world could watch and see. And with that our life is saved.

After the offering of Jesus Christ no one could nor can move, let alone destroy the basic stone of life as the notion of our eternity. There have been many throughout history that were bold enough to try that, yet they all got ‘burned’.

Jesus’ offering conquered death.

What is death? Death means that nobody can watch through anything or anyone. And conquered death means that Somebody gave their eyes through which the eyes of everyone can watch.

Jesus’ offering consequently meant condemnation for all of us, for one pair of eyes was bestowed so that all eyes can see.

Therefore woe to him, whose eyes deny other eyes. Condemnation will befall them because their eyes do not allow even the slightest possibility of a Lord that can see. Why – because when the eyes watch, that implies the living Lord.

We have always searched for something through our own eyes, yet all that has never meant a lot. It meant only as much as was necessary for us to realize the vanity of our look and so that we could thus give it up.

Once we are able to do that, our entire search is finished.

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