Fluid – Lord’s messenger among people

Everything that is born from the fluid is good; what kills it is evil


When two awake each other’s faces, they are in fluid. Your awoken face, however, is different every day; you are as happy as a bird one day, passionate the other and playful as a child the next… Two should be as ignorant as children to one another – forgiving everything – and the fluid of life will remain between them.

Take care of the fluid, be hearty in your relationship and not difficult. If you and your fellow man loved only as a technicality, everything would be dead and unbearable. You would shudder with every touch of the person who is not in fluid. Withdraw therefore all self-will and surrender yourself to life.

Where the fluid is killed an invisible wall that man puts up himself arises. From here on everything becomes a pantomime for the two no longer have a point of contact and in reality do not live together any longer.

There are very few people who have managed to preserve the fluid without others killing it. Keep your fluid save therefore and turn to the Lord.

The eternal secret of the fluid is that you can never see or sense you own one; you can only see and sense other people’s fluid.

Jesus is on the cross where fluid lacks. He will rise from the cross once the fluid is strong enough to play like a child. He himself was the carrier of the fluid of maximum strength that made it possible for him to revive the dead. Nowadays, however, nothing and nobody bestows the fluid to man anymore. People only write recipes for killing it, while the revival ones have never been written.

Do not measure life according to the standards of this world but according to the fluid. Be grateful to the Lord for everything that you have been given and preserve the fluid.

Even the music can summon the fluid. It can summon the fluid of Mary, Jesus and Holy Spirit that changes man.

We have found ourselves deep in the Judgement day where the fluid is already stronger than this world. Only greater and insufferable distress will follow, for life always results where the paths lead and in the modern world that means death. In every society there are thousands of lives and thousands of fluids, yet the modern man has wasted away the most precious of the worlds – the world of fluid – the world because of which he was born.

In the developed world the damnation is 90% as people committed themselves to the lord of the death at the cost of their own safety. They have forsaken everything that is worthy of a man due to their own physical safety. They have betrayed the humanity, God, and by doing so they have betrayed the soul, the carrier of the fluid.

Mighty easily they prostitute the spiritual goods – the fluid that is the Lord’s messenger – while at the same time giving infinite value to the body which is fugacious. In the times past people knew how to preserve the fluid, the invisible wealth which is worth infinitely more than pure gold itself; even the poor nations knew how to do that.

Each man is bound to develop the fluid so that in the end he can separate himself into the eternal life.