Flight of the butterfly

Everything that bends you is death above you, while there is blooming on the other side


Nowadays people will hurry more and more – do not compete with the windmills of their volition, for many will, in the despair of their own volition, remain behind; but you go far back and leave all the volition, so as not to succumb to the weight of empty hurrying.

The less that man allows, the narrower the track he has to walk on, which is why he is hurrying more and more. Every step of allowance is a step back, which opens paths also where there are none. And yet only for those who have not derailed behind the corner of their own volition.

Every step of advantage for yourself is a step of your volition – every step of the advantage given to someone else, your step on the path to freedom.

Learn from everything – from the vastness of the sky above you, to the rocks in front of you that you are stepping on. Learn from the blade, the nature of which bends the juices in it, in order for it to survive the winter and bloom in the spring, and know – not that, which is above you, but that which is smaller than your palms, is your path to the sky.

Only he who is able to bow can bend to others without breaking himself, and he thus exists. Only what exists in front of something other can exist in front of itself. That, which does not bow to itself, walks on the blossoms of life in front of it so as to yield to it. However, nothing can bow to the non-submitted, even if it wanted to.

Only that which is completely submitted to itself has the right and power to make the non-submitted bow. After the Lord this right falls to man, but not over a person, for a person is untouchable even for the Lord, which is why each person can and has to yield only himself. Even death cannot subdue a person, it can only break him.

To everything that will give way to death, life will, quietly like the flight of a butterfly, bow.