Flight from the present

Death is not the end; it is the only proof of life


As long as you are a reaction in the Lord’s palms, fight with it, for once the palms are gone -you will become the reaction, if you do not become the Lord’s palm.

Each reaction is non-acceptance – you are a reaction or non-acceptance in your foundation – but in the Lord’s palms of acceptance and present. His palms are the reason why you know about the reaction and as long as you know, you can confront your own non-acceptance.

You are a born death – a born present – which is why you cannot run away from it; you can, however, live reflections or the ratio of inverted time from it, in case you do not accept this death so that you could get to know it and accept through the ratio.

Every suicide is extortion of the beginning from within /in time with an end that is outside / in space, instead of accepting the end from within / in time when the beginning could be on the outside /in space. Each death is external – and within each death maturation or synchronization with the end or the present that conditions the beginning.

Time has been at a standstill since forever – there are only people – whirlpools of time of unaccepted present.

We entangle and disentangle the spindle of time in ratios and walk down the path of mirrors either away or toward the present; once we pass away, the synchronization of the present continues the path in ourselves alone.  Total offering conditions and demands total comprehension, which conditions and demands total acceptance. Once accuracy stops the spindles of extortion of arbitrary time on the vertical, the present arises in man as an actualization from the difference of acceptance or non-acceptance.

Everything is running from the present, and yet it is this one, the one that you run from, like passion, the only one alive and real in you.

Death is not the end; it is the only proof of life.

One cannot run away from the present, and yet we spend all our time trying to outrun it.

The present is everything and it is nothing without coverage, and consequently everything is running away from it; but in coverage there is the point of death, the seed that life sprouts from.

The present is the only totality, it is the vertical that one cannot run from, and yet the hand of everybody is drawing the circles of non-acceptance in the whirlpools of one another’s time.

The first circle is the circle of birthing – passing, in the reflection of one half you are the reflection of the present in birth or death / the circle of distances.

The second circle is the circle of acceptance, it is a quadruple circle of your soul or your proximity.

The third and last circle is the circle of reaction or the spirit, it is a circle of one eight, the beginning of activity of death or life in your present.

The present is the lap of the time of reflections or your ratios through which you give birth to the present within you. There is no home if there is no conditioning, there is no beginning if there is no conditioning in the acceptance of the end. The present is your mother, it is the end the beginning of which you condition by accepting the end.

According to the Lord, man is the most secured being in the reflections of the present, one that carries within the secret of three divisions; three crosses of totality through one half, one quarter and one eight that in acceptance condition the present without reflections. Security in man protects the mystery of the entirety, however, at the same time it binds the man to the division which is the basis for totality or present without reflections.

Reflections would not exist if we were not able to reflect one another between ourselves and it is every man’s temptation to crucify his fellow man, thus keeping his own circle of entirety or reflection of the present. The secret of the division is the secret of the cross, and only the acceptance of it is our separation from the reflection.

He who takes onto himself the fact that he is merely a reflection, a string, divides in half within himself and conditions the division of the reflection into one fourth. He who accepts that he is only a reflection of a reflection, only a palm on the string, divides into one fourth within himself and conditions the division of the reflection of the present into one eight, and he who dies into the reflection of a reflection of some reflection becomes silence or present without a reflection, one that gives birth to the symphony of life from present to present.

The secret proof of life according to which the present unbinds from the hands of whirlpools of time is He, who did not run from the present – it is He, who lived his death from the moment of his birth till the moment of his death on the cross.

Outside everything is dying, for reflections fade away the moment when the present in man dies.

And due to Him everything is coming to life on the inside, for it did not run from the present.

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