Fellow passenger

Children are always different and therefore close to man


The first and last fellow passenger, with you on all the paths.
If you are smaller than him, always different and therefore in everyone that you meet on the path, the same,
But known since ever.
If you are bigger than him, within yourself bound with yourself,
But in everybody else the face of proper loneliness, unrecognizable.

You can be small – life is always smaller than you; you can be big – life is always bigger than you. You can only be smaller than life in front of you if you are loyal – or in your presumptuousness bigger when you subjugate it to your dream. Life is neither bigger nor smaller, but in the acceptance of the vertical real – in non-acceptance a dream of what is lost in the mirror of the same.

In time and space you are caught in the same, and yet you were given to
In the ratio of time and space, to fellow man, unbind of the same in you.

You are caught in time and space as the same, but in the ratio to time and space you can allow difference and thus unbind from the sameness. Your body is caught in the time of the same, your soul in the space of the same, but in spirit you can agree to the other and thus leave yourself. He who agrees to the other is the same in the other; he who does not withdraw from his a stranger in everything.

Children are always different and therefore close to man. However, once a man stops at a certain point in life and through flirting with the mirror becomes the same, then he is bound with himself and starts growing in the mirror. From all the ratios that you have lived for yourself at the expense of another, the same is arising from the mirror, giving order to the one who could be infinitely different; you yourself.

Man should overcome the principle of always the same within, for as long as man is the same within he reacts different to everything; only once he leaves the same or himself does the life or essence in him react.

As much as you insist on the same within, that much you are a stranger in another, as much as you agree to life, that much different you are within and can therefore be one or the same with everyone. People today will not be separated by physical barriers but destinies of frozen time in the same or dead space in everything in which they have not let go of their own.

Jesus agreed to infinite difference and thus conditioned a pair for everything,
And is therefore with everyone as he himself,
But had he agreed also to the infinitely different one within,
Not only life would be one with you, but you one with Life.