Each proper world is dreamy – it can be beautiful, yet never real


All our feelings are cons or inaccuracies that hunt us and the more that we feel something, the more it hunts us – for it is only a force of active attraction that works in us due to the inaccuracy of the information or the unknown.

Man can never solve the force of the unknown with himself. Some run away from their own imperfection – some from perfection – it is all the same in itself.

 Your feelings are ellipses that draw ellipses but never make a circle,

Only your allowances in ignorance are opening up the circle of accuracy.
The more that two defend their subjective world, the more is this world like an anti-circle of accuracy the origin of the abyss between them. Man wears himself out as a means of the subjective world of another and the other of his, and then the ostensible world – the world of mirror accuracy between them – ends.

Animals also have their subjective world, yet they never subjugate anyone to their circle; people do that from the demand of confirming their own, because nobody can confirm himself alone.

Many deal with objective worlds, yet in them they live only theirs, for the objective world has not been born yet so as to be dealt with. There is no science that could discover the objective world – it is discovering only its views over and over again; for everything is mirrored and if you let that point of view go, you are further than you were at the beginning.

Only through the veil of the abandoned can the world of one another be entered.
You either feel or do not feel your fellow man, if you are busy with your world. Man grows up once he leaves his subjective world and when two fell the same one from the other, they open up the circle of measurable in each other; yet one that is invisible to the eye and therefore inaccurate in front of the eyes of eternity.

The Sun also feels the planets and the planets the Sun in all its accuracy, but nevertheless the entrapment between them is not accuracy but rather the dependency on accuracy. The planets depend on the Sun, but so does the Sun on the planets, and on the same thread of attraction they each live their own dependency in which they fell each other, yet do not know anything about one another.

Just the same as the Sun does not belong to the planets, and the planets do not belong to the Sun, so has man never belonged to anyone or anything – for he did no know about anything or anyone – only the force of attraction binds people together.

Until the third in the first and second does not start speaking the same,
Man does not know anything about the other side.
It then becomes visible to everyone, because it is accurate.

If man does not agree to the second, the second in him divides the first.
The first in man is accuracy put into him.
The second in man is accuracy which he allows.
The third is the accuracy that is born and rises as the one and only accuracy in everything.

The spirit is the third that is becoming the first, and the body the first, becoming the third,
but the soul as a reflection between them, a bond between us through our feelings.
But it is sad that we are so cruel,
That only defeat awakens compassion, thus leaving us only wit reflections.

Subjective worlds are invisible bridges
That through your conscience condition accuracy,
But the unscrupulous remain on the bridge of dependency, dreaming about a river that never was –
With not enough space on it for two.