Face of life

He who takes the face of death upon himself is becoming the face of life of everything


The mystery of the working quantum in the quantum is life in the whirlpool of death
And it is death in the whirlpool of life.
Until then we were in a common wind of everything that truly did not enfold anyone,
For we were only a quantum in a quantum, the face of nothing in the wind of everything.

There were no ties, no close ones or strangers, but there was always the invisible face of life, sunken into the mystery of unsolved quantum in the quantum.

As soon as you strive for anything in the name of your face, you are engulfed by a whirlpool of death with the power of your effort, for you yourself have covered the face of life with the face of death. Only the effort in the name of the face of life will protect you from the storms in you.

He who with effort searched for everything only for himself, offered others on the sacrificial altar of his face, but on it only the wind of death. He who offered himself, searched for others and in the found face of life kept forgetting his victim and effort.

The more you defend your face, the closer to the whirlpool of life you are stepping, but there is only death in it. Only if you leave your face, is the wind of death unable to get to you.

He who takes the face of death upon himself is becoming the face of life of everything.

Lethal whirlpools will storm this world – why go near them, if the infinity of space is at your disposal, to leave the place of yours and draw back?

He who protects his life will kill the life in the storm; he who lets life go from his hands will be lifted by the palms from the hands of the whirlpool of life.