Everything is already glowing on the inside, while the darkness falls on the outside

Darkness is the starting point of light


He who considers himself light, conditions darkness – he who accepts the darkness, conditions light. Only he who accepts darkness lights up the light for another.

If everything is mixed all over the place nothing gets activated and only uncontrollable forces run over everything. Once you are cleared up from the basis, you will condition an infinite number of combinations. The more that the basis gets activated, the bigger the un-reactivity on the other side. Eternal life is pure reactivity, and eternal damnation infinite un-reactivity.

‘Woe to you once my un-reactivity of my reactivity activates in you.’

Light and darkness are the first and the last form of reactivity. The light cannot be, before it is, nor can the darkness; they can only be in the reflections of one another. The reflection of anything can be anything, whereas the actual light cannot.

We are coming to the point of the rounding of the rule of reactivity, to the point where reactivity automatically arranges everything; yet there will not be a light on the other side any longer.

Although you give your best to everything, if you do not accept the darkness, you remain the darkness of your own light.

We can each be a god at this point. He who puts himself into light takes away the position of god, so you should accept the position that you were given and not meddle with the gods who define, for they only judge according to the exterior. Accept the line that has been drawn by the hand of the outer and you will be at peace of the inner.

Let the gods judge, they cannot condemn anything of yours.

Do not fear for the basis, the basic genuineness has never been threatened, for only the elementary presence can be without the basis. The gods always judge the personal yours, but once you accept that nothing is yours, they are condemned by their own judgement.

In this time all the decisions will be final, for the subconscious as a fact will overpower the conscious. Once you are at peace with the final fact, the final definition, you will realize that you are you, regardless of any kind of determination. The acceptance of any kind of definition is up to you, however, as long as you think that you exist only due to some definition, you are living in fear of your own error.

The power of evil is only indirect now, and if you are wise, then believe that no definition except your own can take away anything.

We pour pure wine for each other and poison for ourselves.

You are the one without foundation and you can now change this fact or fall into the abyss of imaginary foundations. Jesus set up a meadow without foundation which anyone can enter without their own definitions – the land of peace of the living worlds of reactivity where everything reacts with everything without proper definition.

The vertical is the basic presence; it is not an abyss but an infinite source, if only you accept that you are a fact without foundation.

With the recognition of impotence, God takes off all burdens.

The basic presence does not need you stance; it is indisputable and eternal. Rigidity is always a consequence of your stance and the foundations that you have set for yourself. When a person admits his powerlessness, he can easily be helped. Only your recognition is needed for peace. Up till now nobody has been close to anyone, there were only those who gave or took away the foundation on their way to eternal closeness.

Everything is already glowing on the inside, while the darkness falls on the outside.