Every intimate relationship is spontaneous

Every intimate relationship is spontaneous

Everyone is afraid to cross the line of intimate relationship. People thus wear different clothes, strive for titles and names, and behave according to strict social rules. In short, we come up with numerous justifications.

Yet life always orchestrates affairs in such a manner that despite our defences a tiny hole where we burst arises – a tiny hole that leaks. That is the point when we let our guard down and allow intimate relations to begin; the moment when we set on to abandon the relationship agreement.

Spontaneity and lack of free will make every intimate relationship illegal and illicit.

Legal relationships are maintained only for their nature of defence and are thus ostensible. However, life forces man into intimate relationships, compelling him to go down that path to at least some extent, no matter what the nature of the relationship.

Intimate relationships are the only genuine ones and such that life relationships can grow from.

Jesus Christ was the only earthling who has ever managed to enter into an intimate relationship exclusively. He gave the most a man can give to a fellow man – his life, and bestowed all his innermost feelings upon each and every one of us. His rising from the dead on the third day was enabled by his complete crossing of the line between the public and the intimate.

People, however, cross that line only carefully, usually at our weakest – where we leak. From our perspective it seems a weakness, yet life itself finds it an advantage, for only then do we live in the spirit of life.

Our positive and negative narratives stem from intimate relationships and where such a relationship begins, hell and heaven unseal. The living world of every relationship commences, for only when one is intertwined with another into a personal world, the fair and unfair battle begins.

All other relationships are much more ostensible, enacted and artificial, whereas intimate relationships are live.

An intimate relationship is entered the same as the egg is cracked and the chicken hatched. Even a seed must pop for a new plant to grow, and pop must also man.