There are two lives and two deaths


You are life, but there is death inside of you.

Your whole life you live an unresolved state between life and death, until you give in and accept your defeat.

Everything is happening within you and you are wrong if you think that you have to prove yourself on the outside; for there is nothing yet outside, as long as there is a battle going on inside of man between the outside and inside – a battle between life and death.

There are two lives and two deaths – the life in ratio and the life in you – the death in ratio and the death in you, yet only one will remain – the one on the inside that will forever and ever open everything that is outside and erase everything that is inside, once one or the other matures in man.

For in reality there is one death and infinite number of lives under the free sun of your allowance, and one life that is in the preservation of light turning off everything and becoming infinite death around its liveliness.

The spirit is speaking to you from everywhere where you have agreed to death inside yourself; whereas where you occupy the place of life, there is nothing and everything that is coming to you are infinite forms of your death. With one life that you live you can turn on the light for all forms of life, and he who cheats others with it is turning off only his own light.

Until now everything was running by one on one – he who took up the place of life, conditioned death for another; he who agreed to death within, opened up the place of life for another. Yet all the ratios that you lived were only the ratios of life and death inside of you. The true ratio, the one that opens up the infinity of lives and deaths, is born in this time and in it the Lord settles everything.

Jesus took death upon himself and also named the apostles with other names,
With the name of death in them themselves, so that after Him they would accept the death within.

But nobody can change anybody,
Only each person on his own can open up the heart of man
In the compassion for the darkness inside himself; for the darkness in front of him
He has the ability to light the light for everything,
If only he does not defend some form of life as his own life.