Enacted and non-enacted dream


The enacted dream is a reality that surrounds us, while the non-enacted dream is the area of our free will. The moment that man comes to realization and enacts his dream, his free will no longer exists. Once a dream is recognized as a dream, the chain crashes. Then complete peace of departure falls onto the man and only once he accepts it, does he enter a world in which his presence is conditioned through others.

What kind of a world does a dead man have?

It is happy, if we allow it in happiness, and it cries, if we allow it in sadness. It cannot answer us what is it like in the other world, for there it is the way we allow it. However, that is not that world, but the only one. The day will come when we will be born one after another to plain objectivity.

The enacted dream is what we look at, and the non-enacted part is what we dream and think of. But only in that and the only world will each of us be aware that he was merely a born enacted dream and that everyone with him and everyone before him was just a dream.