Dream world and actual world



Modern man has no respect for anyone or anything. Therefore do not let yourself be guided by God nor man. That is how man as a soul and as an individual got completely lost. He became part of a soulless crowd, like that of a flock of scared birds, flying where the momentary current of lawfulness takes them. Once man loses faith and trust, he searches only for sheer safety in the crowd: ‘Everyone does it like this and so will I.’

In these times people mingle with those who are like themselves. A white and a black flock are formed and they do not know whence they came nor whither do they go. As the flocks fly instinctively and not with reason, all learning stops at this point. The ratios have become infinite, there is no more comparability, and man resembles man only in their joint path.

Things that he is not aware of are fatal for man. Instinctive reactions, that unconsciously surpass him, determine eternity. They are fatal because they surpass him for ever.

The he human kind lives in the belief that it is the master of itself and the world around it. But it never has and never will be. It only mastered its dream, for it kept convincing itself that the world of its images is actual. The error is thus great.