Everything in the mirror is only information – the reflection of time, caught in the space,
Orientating itself according to the proportion, yet neither alive nor dead –
Only information in the palms of everyone.

All the nature is the reflection of life, caught in death. Everything passes into time, although it has long ago died into its information, but could not accept the fact of death. Only man, a creature of free palms, can take the cross of the mirror upon himself and opens up the palms in the palms. However, on the other side he draws to the perfection in the mirror and at the same time himself becomes information – the information of information to himself.

In his soul and body man distorted the information and lied to himself in foreign eyes about his own reality, but in the spirit divided everything that the Lord gave him. However, nobody knows about the abyss of a divided spirit, which enters the soul and the body, for you have lived only your own notions in your dreams as a human.

But were you obliged to for a moment stand still like a pine tree in your immobility, you would become quiet before Him, who was the only one to accept the fact of death in his soul, spirit and body. His words are therefore not only information, getting lost in time, but Life itself.

“The sky and the Earth will pass away, my words will never.” Many have died, but there is only the information about their death left behind, for nobody accepted the fact of death.

After the acceptance of this fact it divided in the spirit, the soul and is now dividing in the body. Man divides between the fact and his own information – the Lord divides between the living and the dead.