We live in multiple times of finality, the time of infinity has arrived

Time stopping


Life and man are one and the same. Yet only man can disentangle himself from life, life does not have such an option.

Life is subservient to man. The only tool life has is time, with which it puts every disentanglement back at the beginning, in front of the same circle – so that man would subjugate to life. More free will, more circles of disentanglement, every disentanglement – new, in its passing a deeper disharmony with time.

As long as time flows, every disentanglement is equivalent to man, whereas once the time stops, everything that has not subjugated itself to life yet fades out and extinguishes. Life would give anything for man, for its own, it only cannot give him infinite time, for time is a complicated thread of disentanglement which is unfolding till it is unwrapped and then the thread of life, infinite and eternal, runs through man who has completely subjugated himself to life.

An animal perceives the reflection but does not recognize itself in it, only man can do that. Man is therefore the only being that can break-down time. With recognition he is given the free will – the possibility to choose between points A and B, between feedback and starting point. Not nature but the attitude of each individual defines the position of the view or possible break-down. Only he who takes the feedback onto himself or the fact that he is only a reflection or one half, can break-down time; those who live at the starting point, in the reflection of the reflection of their whole, doubly one-sidedly wrap time – non-break-down or deviation from the synchronicity with time.

Contrary to life, man take up either A or B position: the first break-down is the break-down of time into a half, opposite the close one; the second break-down is into one quarter, in the relation to oneself – accepted death or self-oblivion; the third break-down is into one eight, which is the final break-down of time. The stopping of time is one eight in one eight.

We live in multiple times of finality, the time of infinity has arrived.

At this time everyone will have to stop in front of themselves if they are to find man. Thosewho will not do that will walk one through the other and wonder where anybody is. Only those who will be completely stopped in front of themselves will be on their way toward man. Everything in you will be dying out and only those who bend to the stopping will remain pure in heart, for the divided present will no longer exist as there will be only one present in which each proper step will be a knife into the heart of another. Only abysses of passed presents will remain, as nobody will be able to take a step back for anyone to let them stay in the step of their present. Only those who stop their step will give the place to present and become the soil of spring for the blossoms of life.

Lord’s secret is that everything goes through everything, yet without being able to touch in space that which is not in the subtlety of time. Jesus set a time frame, the decantation into it is a matter of your will.

Everything in this world is pouring, everything is with everything and yet nothing with anything, for as long as you hold on to some world, you are not available to this world. Only once you separate yourself from everything, when you step away from your time, does the time change. Then you become the light in the light of your soul’s ignorance, but the darkness of the darkness spills in those who have put their world above everything.

People seek safety in framed worlds, yet they are not ready to subjugate themselves and stop on behalf of anybody’s world. The stopping of time evaporates all the dream worlds and the day of reality arises from the mist, and in it man recognizes Man.



Eve said to Adam: ‘Eat, and you will be like God’.

And the moment when man ate, he lost the Man, and therefore got dressed as one.

Man does not wear only physical, but also psychological clothes. Each motion is a defence, rigidity also, which is a subconsciously controlled motion, acting as defence only. Only complete allowance conditions a complete psychological and physical stopping of the motion and thereby synchronicity with time.

In the times past people dressed in images a lot less, with much more courage they dared to step from the image to the boundaries of man. Although only dreamy on their part, they dared to be a man, which was reflected in their actions.

Life repeats its circle so that man could discard of his clothes and in trust subjugate himself to life. However, once the last circle starts flowing, there are no more repetitions, as there are no more divisions – woe to him, then, who has not managed to divide and subjugate.

The basis of everything is nothing – it is an absolute un-characteristic and therefore superconductive for all characteristics. The current of time running backwards is characteristic free and conditions the current of time forward – the characteristic.

When man falls onto his own fantasy he becomes the prisoner of his own character; only those who act out of motive are free from captivity and stay free and young. With every characteristic you stay on the surface and life is only a surface that hides emptiness in its depth. Those who live their own world are cruel also in compassion, for in it they are compassionate only with themselves. Those who do not know the weight of a rock – the weight of the pain – do not know the weight of life – there are no comparisons and they are not real.

Those who acknowledge others as themselves never haggle with righteousness but open up the world of the soul. The soul has not been visible until now, as it has been covered by the spirit – once the leaf of life turns, the soul becomes visible. Everything that is with the soul, whether it be small and frail, remains. Everything that is the spirit gets lost with each new day. All those who bet on themselves are spirits who in their own way infinitely act their soul; however, the eyes which would not recognize the disharmony with time are no longer there.


Synchronicity in time

The receiving of the Holy Spirit is the receiving of synchronicity in time.

The will of the Holy Spirit in man – a complete synchronicity with time, the will of the evil spirit in man – a complete disharmony in time that dismantles the conditioned man in man to the point of unrecognizability; for the will is nobody’s anymore, but the will in each other’s conditioned spirit.

Until now, man was not synchronized with time and that is why he was mortal (reflectivity). However, although he was not synchronized with time, he could intentionally walk down the path of the Holy Spirit and uncover reflections. He who follows the Holy Spirit follows the ruleof God, and he who pounces on it, pounces on the rule of God.

 And many will inquire: ‘When have we ruined ourselves, Lord?’                                                       ‘When you sinned against the Holy Spirit,’ will be the Lord’s answer.

Jesus was the only man stopped in time – he was in the Holy Spirit, yet the time was not stopped in Him. The apostles accepted the Holy Spirit according to a one-sided mirror and their souls after Jesus became synchronized with time, although their bodies did not. When time stops everyone with good intentions will receive the Holy Spirit of synchronicity with time according to a double mirror; they will receive an eternal body.

Love is a bird on the path of those who are merciful in allowance.

Only in allowance is a tree a tree, an animal an animal and man a man.

Fear is a companion of non-allowance.

Why do you humiliate wheat fields and glorify royal carpets, why do you deny the wind in the mountains, yet praise heavenly gardens in your dreams? You will be strong only once you allow yourself to be a man; then you will be without fear. However, that will only happen once you completely allow the man in front of you. And once the dew in front of you is allowed as water, then will you drink Holy water.

Only once a man can be a man in a man, when he is accepted as a man, does he show his beauty. In colours of life all being are beautiful – but man, with his parts and his allowance the most beautiful of them all.

Everything that humiliates simplicity kills the eternity. In Jesus’ palms man can only be man and it is enough if you are accepted by at least somebody, even if everything else tramples you. And if you accept at least somebody, then life will live in you the human.

Life is infinite love, infinite allowance.

Life is infinitely patient, yet even infinity needs the other side – the man.

To give one’s life means to give infinite patience to everything.

Infinite patience will enter you if you are from the other side.

Every patience divides man, every division spreads the leaves of dream worlds and breaks down time. After his infinite patience, everything to the last division opened up, a new leaf was turned and it showed the actual content of life.

Man in front of man is God’s rule. The problem of the modern man is that everyone feels up to everything. Once a man outgrows a man, he enters the area of evil and is not himself anymore, but the will of the evil spirit inside him.

Not those who step into the life space of somebody else, but those who are nothing in themselves are synchronized with time and can thus completely be with somebody. Only such a man is equal to man and entitled to it.

The problem of the modern upbringing is that parents let the child take the position of someone who is up to anything and by doing so they close off the space of real growing up.

Life is the hardest partner and one should be ready to accept the position in which life puts him, if one wants one day to be up to it.

Everything that defines the space is not in its place and is not up to life. Everything that is not in its place is virtual, and so is also the present that you live only dreamy.

A humble person does not define the space for anyone or anything, but accepts the place that he was given, which gives him reason with which he grows up to life. Those who outgrow life are walking towards ruin.

A humble man is small, although nobody’s size is defined, others define it for him. Those who outgrow others minimize them by doing so. Life is not a constant measurement, we define the measurement ourselves.

If you rise above wisdom, how will it speak to you, if you minimize faith, how will it save you? The moment we rise above something we minimize it.

No constant exists anymore, there are only relations and in them your synchronicity with the present.