Deviation from perfection entrapment


All forms of life; a flower, a butterfly or man are as colourful as they deviate from perfection. For every physical form, man included, is a bigger or lesser deviation or digression from perfection. The same as planets, we are in orbits that define our deviation from perfection. Yet the deviation on its own has never been a problem. The only problem is in our acceptance of it.

Our deviation from perfection is so immense that if a man had to accept it at a moment’s notice he would surely go mad. If you saw your real state, the extent of your deviation from perfection and how many imperfections there are, you definitely would not be able to accept it. You would go frantic that same instant.

A man’s day is thus all his time – all his era so that he could learn to accept his deviation. The more he accepts his deviation and acquiesces in his own imperfections, the more human he is.

We were born imperfect and we learn about perfection, that is our task. Only once we have learned everything about perfection can we accept all our imperfection. When we are capable of accepting all our natural deviation we will, in fact, be able to accept ourselves and only then will we be unbound from ourselves.

For we are bound by the deviation from imperfection. As big as the deviation is, as much it binds you and traps you. You are trapped in it because you think you are smart but you’re not. That you are good but you’re not. That you are fair but you are not. That you are normal but you are not.

You thus attribute yourself qualities you do not possess. By doing so you also define rules, culture, principles and take a certain stand that is in fact only your cage – your entrapment in the deviation. Life is telling you: ‘You will remain in this cage as long as you do not realize your own imperfection.’ For the easiest way to learn and the most to learn about your own imperfection is by being in your cage of perfection.

The base of a man’s deviation from perfection is the fact that he is mortal. This is the biggest imperfection in comparison with the divine perfection. That is why each man who thinks of himself as smart, intelligent and correct is in contrast with the actual state. The sole fact that he is mortal degrades him – this fact alone tells him that he is utterly imperfect.

That is why you should face your imperfection and accept it daily, as much as you can. That is how you unbind yourself from yourself; yourself or the one you never actually knew anything about, know nothing about and never will know anything about. That is how you unbind. For when you do not feel the need to be fitting, you will feel a lot better.

Isn’t it wearisome to be fitting? Wherever you go you have to mind your behaviour, articulation and correctness. For instance, when you finally accede that you are not beautiful, only then do you become beautiful. Until you think that you are beautiful, you are unattractive. That way you only create distance and people fear you. They fear you because they think that you are splendid and they don’t want to sully you. That is how the distance that alienates and creates solitude is created.

The more a man accepts his deviation the more human he is. Jesus Christ was in this sense the most human of all, for he accepted his deviation from perfection. Not even one earthling comes close to him, for everyone feels smarter, more intelligent, more fitting. Each one more or less fights for his own principles and rights. Jesus Christ did not look for those, for he had no reason to. He accepted his deviation in his own way.

The secret of Divine Filiation is exactly in complete acceptance of your own deviation or complete surrender to rules of life. (Why do you call me good? No one is good but God.)

People have problems only at those points where we are not prepared to give up our own perfection and fittingness. When you tell someone to face their own imperfections, they reply that they have none and start enumerating their qualities.

Perfection has become the most massive obsession of the present race. It was massively advertised as the highest human value and especially women were fooled by such a world. Everywhere it said: ‘Be independent, you are perfect’. That is why the modern woman says: ‘I am beautiful, I am smart, I am confident, I am perfect.’ Yet in the end, as lonely as the last branch of a dying tree. That is how much she separates herself from the reality of life.

Life is mysterious and tells its deepest secrets in the simplest way to simple people. It has always been like that. Throughout history the biggest secrets that uncovered life were unveiled in this manner, for the Lord says: ‘That is the only way I can give them to you, they are like humble forest flowers and those are dearest to me.’

People who allow themselves imperfection are the most normal and thus also allow understanding. Whereas the perfect ones need virtuality, need only the virtual ritual. The same as medieval gentlemen who were perfect yet literally imprisoned in their mental dungeons. For the more perfect that a man is, the less he feels life and the less he gets out of it.

There used to live healthy people in the countryside and even nowadays it is possible to run into a healthy person there. Those were simple people who daily bore the cross of their imperfection. They would say: ‘We are the unlucky poor, God help us.’ That is how they asked God for help. And they were telling the truth, for we are all the unlucky poor and God help us on this path through life.

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